SONKO Challenges

yes but do the 15 before the 14th and 13th will be bizzare

These are the words of the Master of the SONKO Ceremony himself, so I’m sure it’s fine. The numbers mainly serve to ensure there are no duplicate titles for different challenges. The order doesn’t matter.

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so i post it ? …


Lets go…

Location : A House Build On Sand
ID : 1-07-0793720-29 (PC)
Targets : One at the beginning near the truck, one guard near a snail stand and one at school
Methods : Injected Poison, Combat knive (throw), SMG
Briefing (if you want) : Stealth and Loud, this is the SONKO Challenge #15
Enjoy !!!


I recreated it for Xbox:

Looks extremely tough :-p


i did it in 2:06 if you have the right timing it is easy

And there is my strat I hope you will like it


#15 can be played on PS4 now: 2-07-1031978-21


SONKO Challenge #15 (2:02)



Tomorrow I hope @Euler13 will relaese the #13

You gotta be patient, man. I am sure Euler will come up with a good challenge eventually. How about playing some contracts from other HMF members while waiting?

Meanwhile, let me put my playthough of challenge #15 here:

SONKO Challenge #15 (02:25)

Not too much different from yours and @rattleshnake’s strategies, but I do bring my own silenced SMG, with the Phantom Suit from a recent grinding of Ghost Mode. :slight_smile:

Ahhhhhh give the suit to me plsssssssss :rage:

SONKO Challege #13 - Paris

Xbox: 3-02-3788524-05
PC: 1-02-1016611-29 (Thank you, @Toto)
PS4: 2-02-747598-21 (Cheers, @Yellow_ZR1)

I spent a long time on this playing with multiple targets. I knew I wanted the sabre, but I was struggling to find the right choice of targets. In the end I surprised myself by going for a single target. Even though it’s not too difficult, I hope you enjoy it. Done with style you should feel very bad-ass when you pull it off. The first challenge is obtaining the sabre, the next challenge is to get to the target. There are two quite different approaches: risky versus safe, with no obvious advantage for either. So I’m really interested to see how you approach it.

Target: Julee is in the auction area, standing outside the auction room on the corridor chatting with a man that Diana will come to talk with; I think his name is Po?


who is julee ? …

Alright thank you…

Can we put a saber in a briefcase ?

You can. :wink: That’s the “safe” approach I mentioned. Otherwise you can put it on your back: the risky approach.

cui cui oh look a bird has something in his beak oh but that’s the id of the #13 on pc :wink: