SONKO Challenges

#15 can be played on PS4 now: 2-07-1031978-21


SONKO Challenge #15 (2:02)



Tomorrow I hope @Euler13 will relaese the #13

You gotta be patient, man. I am sure Euler will come up with a good challenge eventually. How about playing some contracts from other HMF members while waiting?

Meanwhile, let me put my playthough of challenge #15 here:

SONKO Challenge #15 (02:25)

Not too much different from yours and @rattleshnake’s strategies, but I do bring my own silenced SMG, with the Phantom Suit from a recent grinding of Ghost Mode. :slight_smile:

Ahhhhhh give the suit to me plsssssssss :rage:

SONKO Challege #13 - Paris

Xbox: 3-02-3788524-05
PC: 1-02-1016611-29 (Thank you, @Toto)
PS4: 2-02-747598-21 (Cheers, @Yellow_ZR1)

I spent a long time on this playing with multiple targets. I knew I wanted the sabre, but I was struggling to find the right choice of targets. In the end I surprised myself by going for a single target. Even though it’s not too difficult, I hope you enjoy it. Done with style you should feel very bad-ass when you pull it off. The first challenge is obtaining the sabre, the next challenge is to get to the target. There are two quite different approaches: risky versus safe, with no obvious advantage for either. So I’m really interested to see how you approach it.

Target: Julee is in the auction area, standing outside the auction room on the corridor chatting with a man that Diana will come to talk with; I think his name is Po?


who is julee ? …

Alright thank you…

Can we put a saber in a briefcase ?

You can. :wink: That’s the “safe” approach I mentioned. Otherwise you can put it on your back: the risky approach.

cui cui oh look a bird has something in his beak oh but that’s the id of the #13 on pc :wink:


I’m gonna go for risky! When creating #7 I also toyed with the Sabre idea without knowing that it could be put in a briefcase, so that should help.

I already did #15 but basically had to resort to do, in broad strokes, what Toto did. The target near the school can only realistically be killed when he goes off to pee pretty early in the game, without two women coming near, and you have to kill him last since you can’t hide his body, so the window is very small.


From what I remember from that guy he can be lured by a simple coin. I think he stays there unlike so many in the school area.

Anyway, I need to catch up on some of these. Did #1 this week btw, I really liked the transition between areas for stealth.


He can, but there are many other people around, also upstairs. When he goes to pee he is closest, but when he doesn’t usually someone from upstairs comes down to check. But you’re right, I’m sure it’s doable!

To make sure we’re talking about the same spot to lure him to, I was thinking of luring him to the place he goes to take that pee, not luring him to the upper level. Not sure how practical that is in that contract, but I remember him coming over multiple times when I wanted to lure other people when making contracts :smile:

There is my strat I did not do the safe method i did not do the risky method i did THE VERY RISKY METHOD i take 4:05 but that was funny for me


Something for #13 (safe mode :smile:):

Had to move the FE a little; if you shoot it while in the bracket, Julee and Po Dameron seem to stay panicked for a good while (despite being 3 floors up).

:+1: @Euler13


#13 is ready to go on PS4: 2-02-747598-21


Is @clckr still in this topic because he has to do the #14 cuz I have the impression that he is no longer there


Got 2.24. Here’s what I did:

Pistol lure first target, shooting from van near start, pick up coin near there and run over to fiber wire him. Move his body slightly and run to and through stand with coins, picking up one. Behind stands, shoot the window close to the final target. The guard close by will investigate the shot, stand where he was for a relatively safe spot to throw the taser in the shop. By this time 2nd target is at the stands, coin the seated guy away, then coin the target to shoot him.


I wanted to start from the castle, then I noticed I had level 17 mastery on Sapienza :smiley:

I didn’t do anything that interesting here, but this one was nice in that it wasn’t hyper specific in timing to execute my strategy, and didn’t take like a gazillion attempts. Like a nice break. Good one!

Did it last, what’s funny is that I’m not that familiar with Paris, so this took some planning and learning the map. Played the mission once in HM2016 and one contract. I guess I had enough of it due to watching Giant Bomb playing on it so much. Anyway, the contract. It was actually kind of fun and interesting having to plot out my route using the map. I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s actually done :grin:

My route in the end:

Left from entrance, sneak to museum, get the saber, back out and take basement staircase. Route through basement with nobody in the way, to back staircase to 2nd floor. Shoot camera and be mindful of crew guys, run to museum owner’s study. Climb out the window and up to the target. Open door and drop chandelier so she comes in (was this the ‘styling’ you referred to?). Retrace steps because I don’t have a clue, exit through basement.


Got 1:53. What I did:

Bring covert smg. Shoot van near couple to lure the target (it seems a toss-up who comes over, which is annoying… oh well), and poison her before she reaches the van. This gives you time to run to the next target, and be able to lure him with the forklift alarm. Knife him and running to the next you have just enough time to go into his alley and shoot him. Crowbar exit. I’m not sure I need to spend time hiding the soldier’s body, so maybe the time could be improved but I was happy with it.

@Franz he’s definately lurable by throwable btw, but way easier to do so from the alley he goes into.