SONKO Challenges

Something for #13 (safe mode :smile:):

Had to move the FE a little; if you shoot it while in the bracket, Julee and Po Dameron seem to stay panicked for a good while (despite being 3 floors up).

:+1: @Euler13


#13 is ready to go on PS4: 2-02-747598-21


Is @clckr still in this topic because he has to do the #14 cuz I have the impression that he is no longer there


Got 2.24. Here’s what I did:

Pistol lure first target, shooting from van near start, pick up coin near there and run over to fiber wire him. Move his body slightly and run to and through stand with coins, picking up one. Behind stands, shoot the window close to the final target. The guard close by will investigate the shot, stand where he was for a relatively safe spot to throw the taser in the shop. By this time 2nd target is at the stands, coin the seated guy away, then coin the target to shoot him.


I wanted to start from the castle, then I noticed I had level 17 mastery on Sapienza :smiley:

I didn’t do anything that interesting here, but this one was nice in that it wasn’t hyper specific in timing to execute my strategy, and didn’t take like a gazillion attempts. Like a nice break. Good one!

Did it last, what’s funny is that I’m not that familiar with Paris, so this took some planning and learning the map. Played the mission once in HM2016 and one contract. I guess I had enough of it due to watching Giant Bomb playing on it so much. Anyway, the contract. It was actually kind of fun and interesting having to plot out my route using the map. I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s actually done :grin:

My route in the end:

Left from entrance, sneak to museum, get the saber, back out and take basement staircase. Route through basement with nobody in the way, to back staircase to 2nd floor. Shoot camera and be mindful of crew guys, run to museum owner’s study. Climb out the window and up to the target. Open door and drop chandelier so she comes in (was this the ‘styling’ you referred to?). Retrace steps because I don’t have a clue, exit through basement.


Got 1:53. What I did:

Bring covert smg. Shoot van near couple to lure the target (it seems a toss-up who comes over, which is annoying… oh well), and poison her before she reaches the van. This gives you time to run to the next target, and be able to lure him with the forklift alarm. Knife him and running to the next you have just enough time to go into his alley and shoot him. Crowbar exit. I’m not sure I need to spend time hiding the soldier’s body, so maybe the time could be improved but I was happy with it.

@Franz he’s definately lurable by throwable btw, but way easier to do so from the alley he goes into.


SONKO Challenge #12 @Franz
Really enjoyed this contract and found sweet spots for the mansion guard :cowboy_hat_face::+1:

I think both approaches are interessante and raro :sunglasses:
Main Square Tower SSA 2:35
Ruins SA 1:36


SONKO Challege #14

PS4: 2-10-2129957-05
XB1: 3-10-3374896-09 (Recreated by @Franz)
PC: 1-10-7118282-54 (Recreated by @MrWaterhandle)

This one should be easy, I guess.
I added No Bodies Found and Do Not Get Spotted optional complications because complications are still following the old rules so if you want SA you can’t be spotted by targets and you can’t abuse the broken tranq gun. No idea what IO were thinking with those new body found shenanigans…

Weapon and targets

Katana is in Yuki’s room.
Targets are the two patrolling guards by the snowmobil exit.


SONKO Challenge #13 (04:00)

Nothing spectacular here, but I grabbed my saber from the dressing room. I also took a safe route to reach the target, almost got caught by Helmut and one of Kurt’s brother near the end. :sweat_smile:

SONKO Challenge #14 (06:06)

This one is not quite easy for me. It took me over 20 attempts to eventually grab the katana without being seen, and another 10 attempts to eliminate the targets without getting spotted. I definitely want to see how you managed to complete it in 90 secs, @clckr! :grinning::+1:

Ok, so even though the target saw you with the axe it was still considered SA?
You looked like you really know your way around the Miami map.

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Targets, especially since the latest patch, can be the witness of pretty much anything as long as you don’t give them time to warn anyone else. So yes, SA was retained :slight_smile:

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My run for SONKO #13! No suitcase, but a nicely flowing route and plenty of time (5:12).
Also my first clip without the HUD. Of all the HUD elements, I miss the inventory one the most. It’s difficult to keep track of whether you holstered your weapon or not. But I like the look. Too bad of the saber clipping through the suit when its carried on the back.

Will get right to recreating 14 for Xbox. (if I can, it looks quite difficult)


Muy interessante! You are a profeshiunal, are you not?

Honestly, when making the contract I had no idea there was a way to snipe the mansion guard. I’m glad to see that you, along with others, found several.

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Hello Bob.
Continuing about what Franz mentioned without going into too much detail and derailing the thread.

Silent Assassin has an updated status in terms of requirements and new ways of still retaining Silent Assassin.
If you’d like, you’ll find out all the current and new ways of the requirements and details of Silent Assassin here. Updated status of Silent Assassin rating [as of late April]

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can someone do the 14 on pc in my place I can not get it back. I personally do not like this contract trying to get the PNG out of the room is impossible even by doing an explosive distraction like yellow at least 1 will remain in the room which makes things impossible without neutralization. Moreover the timing must remain perfect otherwise the targets will return only in 1 minute to the best postion to assassinate them

SONKO #14 on PC: 1-10-7118282-54

I have almost no mastery level on Hokkaido in HM2, and due to the extra complications I had to do it legit, with just a disposable scrambler from the staff room. My final run took like 8 minutes :grin: Disabled surveillance in the old fashioned way in the morgue. Once I knew I wasn’t going to do it fast anyway, I enjoyed the slow and methodical pace, even if it does take climbing for a full minute.


SONKO Challenge #12
Sapienza 1:59


SONKO Challenge 14 is up for Xbox:


Nice contract, very challenging for me. Took me a while but I figured out a nice run. Will upload soon.

Edit: I won’t upload my run anyway. At 7 minutes it’s not really interesting. Just saw Ed did it in 1m30. I can barely make that time using the ninja start which is with a katana in hand and right next to the targets :smiley:

My route: start in suite, go to Portman’s terrace, climb to Yuki’s place, wait, wait some more, sneak in when she leaves and guards sit down on couch, throw coin behind them, take katana, wait, sneak to Yuki’s door, throw Katana as far away as you can to near the door on the right side leading to the garage without being seen by door guards, sneak back to terrace, climb to Portman’s room, run to security room as Yuki walks past and guard comes out, go in and shoot recorder with Krugermeier, go back down to near Yuki’s door, throw coin in hallway towards Portman’s room, one guards goes to check so I pick up the katana and head through the door to the garage and from there on out it’s pretty straightforward until the snow scooter exit.


Enjoyed this one. @clckr Nice to be back in Hokkaido. :+1:


@Franz – Was going to reply to your edit earlier but got distracted. You should upload your run anyway if it’s not too much trouble, as it’s good to see people’s methods regardless of the time(s).

One of the fun things about this challenge thread is seeing all the different approaches.


Ok, here’s my run for SONKO 14! No explosion run is what you could call it.

Between 0:22 and 3:00 it gets particularly boring (just waiting for Yuki to leave), but after that the run quickens in pace.

I’ve tried beating Yuki to that room to avoid this long wait, but the two guards in the sofa stand up before she even arrives, ruining the plan you see come to fruition in just under 8 minutes.


Here you go. @Toto