SONKO Challenges

Look forward to seeing the contract @Ibbe040

One of my tests was on Mumbai, I wonder if we’re thinking about the same area, it seems well suited, it is good but also rather then a swiss cheese design more of an ‘aerating cloth with gaping holes design’ :smile: It’s fun but I couldn’t get my particular idea to work to my content there. It was a fine contract but a little too easy perhaps. Currently looking into other maps. I’ll likely claim one soon.

Also damnit @Franz, I mean it’s perhaps obvious since we haven’t had the map yet, luckily there’s more than one great zone for this there.

One of these days I’ll actually have a SONKO man, one of these days.


I’m going through the maps chronologically, that’s why I already knew it would be Marrakech by day. In any case I’m sure every map has many SONKO possibilities, so I’m very much looking forward to your SONKO claim :slight_smile:

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SONKO Challenge #17

Location: Marrakech

Xbox ID: 3-06-4400103-09
PlayStation ID: 2-06-1072771-21 (cheers @Yellow_ZR1)
PC ID: 1-06-0132780-29 (cheers @Toto)

Targets are the 3 red berets in the school.

No kill restrictions but extra respect if you pull off 3 Saber kills. You can find one in Zaydan’s office and one in the shoe shop.


SONKO Challenge #14 (2.17)

@clckr: Certainly nowhere near as slick as Ed’s run, but given the random chaos that can ensue from this I was quite pleased with the relative consistency of my approach.

SONKO Challenge #15 (1.39)

@Toto: I enjoyed this one.


@Ibbe040 and @Franz nice choices! I‘ll be back home next week and can’t wait to catch up on all the challenges I missed :joy:

SONKO Challenge #16

PS4: 2-13-7387967-63
PC: 1-13-1570042-29 (thanks Toto)
Xbox: 3-13-4588230-05 (thanks Euler)


*Krishna Chadha - Fiber Wire
*Dev Babu - Fiber Wire
*Govind Satish - Fiber Wire


K.C - Top level of the train yard. Near the heater pressure valve.

D.B - At the main entrance of the train yard.

G.S - Near the train tracks spawn entrance.

Sorry, no speical lethal melee this time. I’m saving that for Sgail.


#17 is available on PS4 now: 2-06-1072771-21


Looking forward! The trainyard is the area I know least well in the entire game. :slight_smile:

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SONKO Challenge #17 - Sabre & Speed (4.02 & 1.39)

@Franz: “Bonus points for three Sabre kills”… Challenge accepted. :wink:
That was a great contract. Such an intensely challenging environment. I thought I’d done a speed run too, but then I looked at the leader boards and saw that Ed’s King of Speed twin, @ILikeGAMESish, has schooled me in a proper fast time. I’m looking forward to seeing his run.


@Euler13 I got lucky with this one, but thank you none the less!

SONKO #17 (Or, how many pistol shots can we get in 1:15?)


I create the #16 and #17 on pc i’ll give ids later

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Here’s the run of my contract.

One npc didn’t leave the third target alone unless I distracted him fast enough.

At that time, I didn’t even bother to go to another exit lol. So yeah, ending was disappointing.


#16 and #17 are on pc !
#16 : 1-13-1570042-29
#17 : 1-06-0132780-29


I had a 1:53 Sabrina run ready to upload, only to find the file had corrupted; it then took an hour+ to re-run it again because I’d got into a faster cycle which kept the final target by the water bottle (instead of moving across the room). :neutral_face:

Couldn’t find a good way to keep the patrolling corridor guard from finding the body that way, so went back to the original method:

Initially wanted to sneak in for the Sabre amid explosions, but there are just too many variations to the guard routes for it to be reliable on this one. Great challenge @Franz


the #17 is very good but i wont make a video of it because it’s been 1 hour that I do it and this awesome game does not want me to have silent assasin while I have it

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There is my strat for the #16 (I start by Govind unlike you and i did it in 3:37)
Very nice contract @Ibbe040 :+1:



SONKO Challenge #16

Xbox: 3-13-4588230-05
This looks like a tough contract! :astonished:


All nicely done with the #16 videos. And yes, we were both thinking of trainyard @Ibbe040 I was thinking of using the folding knife (in chawls and near foreman). I’m glad you went for fiber wire on this one, it’s very useful to immediately drag these targets off, and it seems ‘truly silent’. For instance, even with melee ‘silent attack’, I’ve had guards come check on an isolated guy on the scaffolding. He wasn’t seen, it’s like they hear them clunking down on the metal. It might just be a quirk for those guards. In any case, none of that for the targets here.

My first succesful run this evening had some funny stuff, although I was slightly too late for the first train cycle, so I had to wait for another few minutes (I was out of coins to pay the taxi). Will probably try a more optimised run sometime soon. The train exit in that area kind of unfortunate, I would prefer it if it would magically arrive on command honestly (or after a couple of seconds).

What I did:

Lockpick to get past first target, use annoying stationary type guard turning my way even though his vision is blocked to lure him to the grass, circle around and fiber wire. Through the window, hop onto the scaffolding, ladder up. Slight wait for double guards to move away, move ahead, coin to my right on the walkway for target. Fiber wire and drag his body onto the thin walkway there, what’s funny is his body sagged off and almost fell down :smile: Ladder down to final target, coin him to bush next to security container, and distract two civilians with final coin. Drop down when target arrives, fiber wire him and immediately drop into the bush. Get too lazy to try and scout for coins to pay for taxi and wait for train for 2-3 minutes :smile:

I’m kind of done atm to take on the school for #17 but I know from tests it is a SONKO dream.


It might look intimidating at first but I’m sure it’ll be a piece of cake run for you :wink:

Nice job Toto & Waterhandle, glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Looks like I cut the video off at the end right before it says Silent Assassin :sweat_smile:
SONKO #16 - Mumbai (2:30)