SONKO Challenges

Was messing around on #17 after re-doing the Sabre run on Sunday, and found this route for it:

I did send it to Franz, but not been on the forum since then so it’s probably a bit stale by now (and could definitely be tidied up/improved).


@Ibbe040 @Franz

No idea why the guard doesn’t see me, I’m assuming the state of panic means that he is temporarily blinded. There were a few occasions where I did get spotted so I think also it depends on the angle the NPCs are standing at.


I’m guessing his view and focus is only forward to where the shot came from so he can’t see anything from the side. Excellent kill.

It also happens alot when you distract shoot, they don’t care about anything else but the shot.


@Euler13 Phew, SONKO #13 challenge was rough for me, but eventually got to 4:17 :slight_smile: I tried coins, shooting, Lil’ Flashy but in the end the phone worked best for me to lure the target…sabering her upfront hadn’t been my intention but it worked out great in the end lol

@Toto Loved your SONKO #15 challenge, my personal SONKO best with 2:17 :grin:

Still working on the other ones I’ve missed :smile:


I’d like to claim #18. A challenge set in Miami.


SONKO Challenge #18 - Miami

3-11-4731374-05 (Xbox)
2-11-4408409-21 (PS4) Thanks, @Yellow_ZR1
1-11-3284669-29 (PC) Cheers, @Toto

Targets: All found in Kronstadt building. Kent is in the basement garage area, Antoine is in the roof-office next to the terrace, and Levi is nearby in the terrace garden area chatting to the bodyguard.


#18 is ready for PS4 players: 2-11-4408409-21


SONKO Challenge #14 (4:58) using Napoleon Blownaparte and gun distractions

@clckr Lol, this one was actually very entertaining to play, Katana always means fun :grin:, even though the guards in Yuki’s suite and other NPCs really were testing my patience a lot :grimacing:, that’s why I played it super safe towards the end :smile:

There is the #18 on PC :


there is my strat for the #18 Nice contract @Euler13 :+1:


@Euler13 Nice use of the starfish, very funny melee :slight_smile: Not as fast as @Toto’s run and a bit sloppy for the first target since he spotted me in the uploaded run, but I’m still pleased with how it worked out basic SO route for Miami, third target was trickiest, in the run I eventually uploaded he behaved perfectly, but often he stops short and then the guards hear the throw through the window and come to investigate


SONKO Challenge #18 (03:12)

Peek-a-boo trick is really handy in this one. :smiling_imp:

Nice run! :blush: Now I know how bad I know my way around Miami :joy: Peekaboo is my newly favorite lure tactic but I still have to practice it :smile:


Don’t worry, you will definitely know these maps better. In your run, I was impressed when the scientist target saw the dead body and ran to the toilet. Although it seemed like you did not intend to do so, that’s a pretty good way to distract the target. :wink:


It surprised me he saw the body at all :smile: He was really random…sometimes he saw the body and told the guards (though sometimes they just ignored him!!!), sometimes he didn’t and sometimes he did, what he did in my uploaded run :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:

I would like to claim Challenge #19 btw, if that’s fine with everyone :blush: I have some ideas to test, but I hope to have it up till next week


I get my SONK on from time to time.

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SONKO Challenge #19 is online on PS4 :slight_smile:

ID PS4 2-21-8907640-93
ID Xbox 3-21-2062606-05 Thanks @Euler13!
ID PC 1-21-1446787-54 Thanks @MrWaterhandle!
ID PC Saber only, 1-21-4414086-29 Thanks @Toto!

Hope you like it guys! I used the Saber it’s in the Constant’s office for all kills, but if you’re feeling fancy, you can try to grab the Katana in the gallery, which I didn’t manage to do SASO :joy::roll_eyes:

Constantin is the Butler in the tower, Christy is the harpist next to Janus’ casket and Toby Fletcher is the guard in front of the security room with the recordings, on the second floor in the building, where you can go through the crates to look for the burial dagger


Here’s my take on #18. Peek-a-boo for the win! :wink:

SONKO Challenge #18 (2.08)


Your contract take 1 hour to do

  • (Try) to get the saber : 5mn

  • Eliminate Constantin : 10mn

  • Eliminate Christy : 5mn

  • Eliminate Toby : 10mn

  • And try to not get spotted : 30mn AHHHHHHHHHH

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Really? :sweat_smile: It took me about 13min, when creating the contract and I wasn’t hurrying…haven’t done a run on it yet tho :thinking:

I tried at least a few approaches for Constantin (even if the Constant decides to be a troll :roll_eyes:) and Toby (Did you get the right guy? He’s standing next to a gramophone, I might add that to the description)

Hint for the saber: To get the saber quickly start at the Keep and bring a suitcase and a throwable illegal item