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SONKO Challenge #19 (3.19)

@Club47: I really enjoyed figuring out this contract. When I first started I had no idea I’d be able to get the time to what I did. Very satisfying indeed. :sunglasses:


Exceeding my expectations! Impressive how you distracted those guards so effortlessly :smile: I won’t be able to beat that time lol, but I’m very glad I didn’t bore anyone with my contract :blush:


Oh, I definitely did not get bored. I spent nearly three hours playing your contract.


Your strat and time are a cool result to show for! :sunglasses:

SONKO #14 took me the longest so far, good 5-6hrs :sweat_smile: I might create a contract just to kill those two guards in Yuki’s suite lol EDIT: I actually did and posted it in the HMF Contracts Thread


SONKO #19 for PC: 1-21-1446787-54

I guess I had a headstart on this from my keep viking axe tests, but uploading it, while not easy, wasn’t especially difficult, especially since I didn’t have to take into account a guard seeing the constant’s body falling out of a window :smile:

My sloppy ass run with that error took 6 minutes, there were things that could be done faster and a little bit of figuring out, but it seemed like a very direct route already, so I’m pretty curious about the 3 minute run from Euler.


I’d like to claim #21, because it’s done :smile:

SONKO Challenge #21

PC: 1-02-4520392-54
PS4: 2-02-0593982-21 (thanks, @Yellow_ZR1 !)
Xbox: 3-02-0243363-05 (thanks, @Euler13 !)


Pierre: leaning on the railing at the far end of the pagoda garden, markable from the dock
Aubert: leaning against a shed window, just outside the pagoda garden, near 2 vans
Courtland: patrolling with a partner on the 2nd floor balcony overlooking the catwalk

Optional challenge: finish with 2:15 or less

Creator ramblings:
While I like the weapon retrieving challenges very much, I thought it would be a good idea to have more variation to keep things fun. Inspired by the old Hitman 2 mission Stakeout at St. Petersburg, I wanted a combination of sneaking and sniping. Also I learned to Paris by now. At first because I thought it would be great to have targets around the building to force you to move around it or through it to different sniping spots, in the end there’s one target inside the building instead :smile:

Even though it seems impossible to truly balance all routes, I tried at first, but in the end I went with these targets anyway, despite some being easier, as there were sensible routes possible from all starting positions. This one can be kinda easy depending on what route, under 2:15 requires some extra effort however.

Side note: it is possible to snipe Rosso from the Barge with his body consistently not found, but it’s tricky. There are other positions to make it easier, however.

I have another contract, which is more like a classical SONKO, it’s close to being done.

Also, someone steal this idea: Nne Obaras Machete and another large weapon. This way you will have to retrieve an illegal item from an agency pickup, and have to sometimes carry one of the two on your back, unless you go back and forth between them (which would just take more time, but you could).


Well, I did my original route and it turned out to be 7min-ish :joy::see_no_evil:…video is just uploading, will post the link as soon as it’s done. Lots of detours compared to @Euler13‘s and @Yellow_ZR1‘s great runs - whose strats I will definitely try for a better time!
But I always wanted to kill the Butler with no kos (also the main reason I chose him as a target), so I‘m happy nonetheless :blush: The Constant was trolling me relentlessly :joy::see_no_evil:, that’s why I just had to slow him down, which hadn’t been necessary, when I created the contract :roll_eyes:, just panicking him was enough then to make the Constant and all the guards run off, while poor Constantin stayed behind :smile:…oh well, I’m sincerely glad I didn’t bore anyone with this challenge



Recreated on PS4: 2-02-0593982-21
Shooting lots of innocents when recreating this one, but it should be alright. :wink:


What with my daughter’s SATs last week and being away most of this week, I haven’t been on that much. Add in team of the season on FIFA this month, and H2 time has been quite limited recently.

Played #16 last night after a day in the sun and a long car journey, and the amount of different approaches had me spinning a bit. :exploding_head:

Will hopefully get a chance to catch up with the other challenges (and thread in general) later this evening. Tidy contract @Ibbe040 :+1:


I tried #19 a couple of times tonight, but got too frustrated, mainly by the inconsistent beginning of my own route.

Simply to throw a duck into the bathroom to lure the guards near the saber in. It’s a nice and simple solution, but sometimes the guard with the constant and him hear it too, which messes things up, or even one of the guards who’s right there just keeps standing there… ugh. Anyway, I caved in and looked at Euler’s video, I did figure out beforehand what exit he must’ve taken. What’s funny (aggravating) is I had one near succesful run and then got spotted by last guard near the ladder exit. Good to know I can just throw the saber at christie even with the guards patrolling there, as they sure do take their time.

How I did the last target in my upload run (I haven’t seen this in the videos yet, it’s a pretty safe method): climb on the left side ledge, to the security room, throwable weapon for the target, as the crate’s right there). Hide in the box until he’s at the weapon crate.

Will probably try more this weekend but yeah. In theory I did it :smile:


SONKO Challenge #21 (03:04)

This is quite a smooth contract, @MrWaterhandle. I later discovered a faster way to get down to the first floor (namely sliding down the pipe), but I think this should do alright. :slight_smile:

SONKO Challenge #21


@Toto: Did you mean #20?


no you want me to put the 20 online ?

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Oh no sorry @MrWaterhandle i believed @Yellow_ZR1 created the #21 this is because i’m sick :slight_smile:

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To forgive me here is the #20
1-12-3050247-29 (PC)
any methods / suit

Targets Location

Ciril : guard patrolling near the chaman’s hut
Dioscoro : man in the franco’s hut
Sinforoso : guard who opens the door of the Delgado Manor


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there is my strat for the #21 good contract @MrWaterhandle :+1:


Slowly getting through these. YT uploads are processing very slowly for me as well, which isn’t helping.

Shout to everyone that’s made contracts for this thread so far btw. I know a lot of people are staying away from the game at the minute, and this set of challenges is pretty much the only thing holding my interest on H2 at the moment – literally looked through the Featureds, played the first level of the Escalation, and headed back to the main menu. Hopefully it improves at some point… or maybe I have it wrong and players who want the type of content we were getting in H1 just aren’t the target audience anymore. Thanks anyway though, to the peeps in here making some fun challenges around the concept, and for making me still want to load this game up.

That aside, here are runs for #18 and #21:

Took a while to get the duck placement right for this one, as it’s quite easy to draw in the guard from pony-tail’s room; important to trigger the explosion before the chatty patrolling roof guard wanders off too (if you can arrive a few seconds earlier before he moves, they’ll both be through the doors to investigate as a pair, faster than they do in this run).

Was lovely being back in Paris; this wasn’t the smoothest run I had, however it was the quickest - and I liked the PIP of the Kurt Donovan clone turning to fish food. :grin:

@Euler13 @MrWaterhandle :+1::+1:


Built up a huge backlog here.
Did a little Sunday morning SONKO, starting with 18:

Start at fountain with Silverballer, coins and lockpick, destroy fish tank containing starfish, take a right to garage area, I used peek-a-boo for Kent so that he went upstairs to be greeted by a starfish to the head, made my way up, shooting a camera, through the android lab, climbing up a pipe, making my way to Antoine’s office killing him during his phonecall and dragging him to the toilet. Did another peek-a-boo for Levi to lure him to the ante room of said toilet, but not before placing some coins there near the toilet door. When he came to investigate I hid behind Antoine’s desk and snuck back in behind Levi, making sure not to kill him near the open window but when he was picking up those coins instead. Made my way to the helipad and flew away.

Lovely contract, but I admit I feel a bit dirty after all that peek-a-booing. Normally not my MO.