SONKO Challenges

Yeah, I had a lot of fun doing them…despite the occasional struggle associated with it :joy::hot_face:

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I always confuse those :face_with_monocle: I couldn’t re-record it, bc I was in a hurry to catch a flight, so I was like: I‘ll get you, no matter who steals my coins :smiling_imp:

SONKO Challenge #8 SA 4:03

Yesterday, before shutting down the servers, I decided to take something myself. Unfortunately, at the same time, the hitmanforum was not working, so I am posting it just now.
I liked this one, very interesting. Easy target, challenging conditions.

Has anyone already come up with SONKO in the Bank? :slight_smile:


I still have to do #24, claimed it weeks ago. :woozy_face:
So I thought I would do that one for the bank.
I’m planning on posting it tomorrow.


Wow, this looks like a fun set of challenges! I can’t believe I never found out about this before. Given my recent increase in trying to Suit Only many contract runs, this sounds like it’ll be enjoyable for me. (Though maybe not the contracts that require a lot of distracting…)

I might play a few and record them. Cooool.


SONKO Challenge #24

PS4: 2-24-0755328-05
XB1: 3-24-4469151-05 (Recreated by @Euler13)
PC: 1-24-6449935-60 (Recreated by @sAndK)

Can’t really say if it’s too hard or too easy.
If it’s too bad blaim the heat. This week was so damn hot. :woozy_face:

Weapon and targets

Fire axe and Edgar are in the Vault Loading Bay.
Winford is guarding the Bank Entrance.
And Rosendo is the guy sitting on a chair in the Vaul Security Room.


I’ve done all Sonko so far and still need to upload to yt some of them, but this one will be a skip for me for some time because i don’t have the bank yet :(:anguished:


Just so you know, I think you are still eligible to claim and create the next challenge if you want, since the bank is a paid extra content. :wink:

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I feel you, I got like ten bucks left until I can afford it with my specifically-designated spending money.

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PC version of SONKO #24: 1-24-6449935-60


I made two contracts. Because they were too simple to be called challenges, so I just shared them.



And my run of it.
SONKO #24 - 1:21


I totally admire your commitment to these, given you start later, and it’s really helped to keep this challenge alive. Thanks!


Thanks man. It really means a lot when player like yourself says that.Really does.
Some of these challenges were really tough, and i’m not a speedrunner. But I managed to do them. I really liked all of them, and all except 2 challenges are recorded. Those that were not recorded are provided with photos of objectives completed and are already in this thread.

Here is SONKO #16 @Ibbe040

This challenge was difficult for me when it comes at 3rd target (guy on the roof). Those patroling guards were pain, but after several tries where I went to eliminate him first, in later runs i went for him last and it went very well. Hope you will like it. Cheers.


SONKO #17 @Franz

Great challenge. My main problem was going through the school from 2nd to 3rd target. Other than that it was really smooth. btw #2 on leaderboards on this one lol


That was smooth af. :+1:

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Hi there! Welcome to the SONKO thread.

My suggestion is you may want to check out the OP first before posting your contracts here, or post it to the dedicated contract thread if you wish for others to try. Thank you. :wink:

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I really should’ve come here sooner, but oh well. Here’s some runs with even more restrictions in place, for funsies, plus commentary:

SONKO Challenge #24 (No Loadout)

New York’s pretty interesting and fresh, so I thought we could spice things up by not bringing along any items at all and see where it takes us. I know of only one “loose” security keycard, but there may be others; I’m also looking for loose keys, both the janitor and safety deposit box master keys, but until I can locate them we’ll just have to make do. There is actually a faster way into the basement if you’re okay with pulling the fire alarm in the IT department, but I found that too random and too disruptive and so preferred this nice smooth approach with minimal non-target distractions and as little item usage as I could get away with.

SONKO Challenge #25 (Fiber Wire)

Essentially a Default Loadout run since I brought Fiber Wire and Coins, but not technically as I chose not to bring a gun. I start at the default point instead of Old Orchard despite it being farther away; it’s not so much a “no mastery” kinda thing (though it technically is), but so that the conversation between the first kill and his friend doesn’t start before the guy wanders off to pee. Just makes things a little smoother. I was going to also hide all bodies but it would’ve been tedious in a couple cases so I just chose to place them where they wouldn’t be spotted.


Man these are some smooth runs. Looking forward for some other missions.

My attempt on #24 (02:40):

This one is definitely less painful and more enjoyable than grabbing Katana in Yuki’s suite, @clckr! :smile::+1: Luring can end up quite differently when other non-targets also present there, but I am quite happy with my result.