SONKO Challenges

Consider it done. Well played on the #18. :clap:

Looking forward to see what you come up with.

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SONKO Challenge #28: Whittleton Creek by @Sniff.

PS4: 2-22-9598655-26.
XB1: 3-22-2151086-05 (Thanks @Euler13).
PC: 1-22-8421808-02 (Thanks @brief).

  1. Kill method is, again, Hatchet, melee.
  2. In order of elimination:
    a. Lance Gerkin (One of the bodyguards on the top floor of Cassidy’s house).
    b. Ramon Schreffler (One of the bodyguards on the top floor of Janus’s house).
    c. Grant Masterson (The sheriff, at the construction site at the corner of Mapletree Lane (the muffin stand) & Highland Park Avenue (the West’s and Janus’s properties).
  3. The complications are just the standard optional Suit Only and No KO.

Good luck, guys!


That your PS4 didn’t crash when using the hatchet, gives me hope :slight_smile:

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Lol, I’ve been experimenting with the hatchet and it never crashed once. It only crashes when I load up The Final Test too many times or the occasional body dump.

Might seem funny to you, but I couldn’t complete #9 in WC, bc it crashed on me all the time with the Hatchet. So I (and Franz for Xbox) made a contract solely using the fire axe on PS4 for #9 (linked below) I reported the bug tho, so it might be fixed now :smiley:

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And it’s here.

SONKO Challenge #27

-PC: 1-10-9258369-60
-Xbox: 3-10-2869310-05 (thanks @Euler13)
-PS4: 2-10-5626795-26 (thanks @Sniff)


Helena is in front of the Spa’s entrance wiping the floor, Masayoshi is sitting at the table in the staff quarters. Fire Axe is in the corridor leading to the morgue from the garage.


SONKO Challenge #27 for PS4

Contract ID: 2-10-5626795-26.

You’re welcome!


Great guys. Cant wait to play them.

SONKO #18 @Euler13
Using starfish as a weapon is hilarious and i relly enjoyed it.
Had no problems with first two targets, but 3rd was a bit issue because of the guards.
Also I took different route.
Great challenge man.
I did this challenge 16 days ago, but only now i uploaded it, lol


SONKO #19 @Club47

This was a lot of fun, probably one of the funniest challenges.
Butler is awesome and one I eliminated him it was great.
Awesome challenge. I hope you will like my run.

BTW #27 is tough :frowning:


I‘ll watch it later, 6min is a great time (faster than mine)!! :blush: I‘m very happy, that you liked it :slight_smile:
EDIT: Well done, esp liked how you got to Constantin and just used a coin as distraction!

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SONKO Challenge #28

Xbox 3-22-2151086-05


SONKO Challenge #27

Xbox 3-10-2869310-05


@Sniff Game crashed as soon as I vaulted the first fence with the Hatchet :see_no_evil::confused: might make another fire axe variation


That’s okay, sorry for the hatchet thing.

SONKO Challenge #27 (06:06)

The challenge looks really hard at the first glance. Both targets are surrounded by so many people. Anyway, showing you here is a video and a summary of how I isolated these two. Nice challenge, @sAndK! :+1:


  • Jam the doctors’ room door with a hammer
  • Get the fire axe
  • Distract a nearby guard with a shot to the ceiling
  • Distract a nearby female resort staff with a briefcase
  • Distract the target into doctors’ room with the phone’s ringtone and kill him!


  • Place the fire axe in the toilet
  • Distract two potential witnesses with Lil’ Flashy
  • Poke her with an emetic syringe
  • Wait til her having the final kiss with the toilet. The end!

#28 will be posted soon along with an additional fire axe run. :slight_smile:


That’s why Hokkaido is my favorite map, it’s so versatile and well designed that I haven’t even thought about your route. Great run :+1:

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SONKO #20 @Toto

Cool challenge, man. It was not that difficult and i really enjoyed it.
With this challenge, I’ve done all of them
Except newest #27 and 28 of course, plus #24, but I don’t have The bank yet.

Great thread and great contracts. #27 and 28 I hope I will do this weekend.


SONKO #27 @sAndK

This one confused me a bit
But later on it was great.
I also used Lil Flashy for 2nd target.
Cool challenge man


BTW, as a New Zealander, I feel morally obligated to be the first person to make a Hawke’s Bay SONKO challenge.

I’ll make it first thing it comes out.