SONKO Challenges

Everyone gave up after I stopped showing up :wink:

For real though, I was thinking about this thread this weekend and wanted to try the bank SONKO, but didn’t get around to it yet.

I guess @Sniff can finally do his Hawke’s Bay SONKO.

Pretty hyped playing Hawke’s Bay in contracts mode right now even though I will probably make exactly one contract on it :smile:

I was thinking of claiming #29, but I already made #28. Well, I’ll start plotting ideas.


So, who’s gonna make #29 then? Or is this thread almost dead? @Euler13?

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Do the #29 in hawkes bay !

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I finished #29 in Hawke’s Bay. @Euler13, although I made #28, can I claim #29?

SONKO Challenge #29 (Hawke’s Bay) by @Sniff.

PS4: 2-20-5614570-26.
XB1: 3-20-9825812-05 (Thanks @Euler13).
PC: 1-20-4669448-60 (Thanks @sAndK).

  1. The first two target kill methods are Explosion (Accident) and the third is Electrocution (Accident).
  2. In order of elimination:
    a. Shane Minett (One of the bodyguards who go inside the house from the balcony).
    b. Nat Ivers (The bodyguard who accompanies the first target).
    c. Dwight Nye (One of the bodyguards on the beach close to the coastline).
  3. The complications are just the standard optional Suit Only and No KO.

Targets and complications:

The electrocution accident was supposed to be car battery. So, as an added challenge, do not use the electrocution phone.

Good luck, guys!


Should we stop doing SONKO Challenges and @Euler13 will do the last challenge (the 30th) ?

  • YES !
  • NO !

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No need to end things formally. When I get back into Hitman again (always happens eventually) this thread will be one of my go-to places again :slight_smile:


SONKO #29 @Sniff

Good little challenge. It was really great to come back to New Zeland after some time.


PC ID for SONKO #29: 1-20-4669448-60


I’ve been away for a week so I’ve just downloaded the update. Has something changed with accident explosion kills? Twice now when I get to the completion screen (trying to recreate #29) I don’t have the option to set No Pacifications. It seems that the explosive kill is KOing them before it kills them. It says Explosion Accident on the target tile.

Oh, well, third time lucky. However, this is quite worrying, because if this is due to a change in the update, then it’s going to annoy a lot of us when perfectly executed runs are void by this issue.

SONKO Challenge #29: Xbox 3-20-9825812-05


SONKO Challenge #29 (02:30)

Bodyguards entered search mode after the explosion. Although I got spotted multiple times, but I think I figured out a safe way to exfiltrate the house this time. :slight_smile:

Something interesting is that I once threw the car battery into the ocean. The guard can’t get electrocuted with sea water, however. Then I eventually found puddles on the beach.


That is because sea water is very rich with salt which makes it that conductive that the current is not traveling through the targets body but around it as that is the easier path for it. Uh I guess it was too hard to script?


Someone got Urbened…:joy::see_no_evil:


@Sniff SONKO #29 1:50

I didn’t use the phone, I used the taser lol


That was post 666, nice. I’m going to go ahead and claim #30, I’ll have something up today.


I am actually at level 666 in hitman, I’m probably gonna die today … Yes

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I would like to claim #33, because it is quite a special number, if you all don’t mind. Location will be set in daytime Marrakesh. :slight_smile: