SONKO Challenges

@Sniff SONKO #29 1:50

I didn’t use the phone, I used the taser lol


That was post 666, nice. I’m going to go ahead and claim #30, I’ll have something up today.


I am actually at level 666 in hitman, I’m probably gonna die today … Yes

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I would like to claim #33, because it is quite a special number, if you all don’t mind. Location will be set in daytime Marrakesh. :slight_smile:



Four targets, New York

Jimmie walks back and forth from the bathroom on the second floor, Nathanial is the guy in the nearby surveillance room drinking coffee. Marty is talking with the sweater man on floor one, and the last target steps out onto the balcony to drink coffee on the west side. Also floor one.

PS4: 2-24-1324099-23
Xbox: 3-24-4523341-05
PC: 1-24-8379935-60


Explain the water catwalk in Paris now! That one has been bugging me for a bit. Just imagining the mass electrocution possibilities there makes me wet enough to open myself up for an electrocution death myself.

I’ve got a good plan for this one.

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PC ID for #30 (I hope it’s “Bertram Tellez”, your picture is cut off):



SONKO Challenge #30: Xbox 3-24-4523341-05

I’d also like to claim #31.



Nice contract, perfect to get back into SONKO’s. This one felt like a puzzle contract, which was neat. Got 2:06, bit better from my initial strat.

What I did

Bring briefcase with remote taser. Unpack taser, drop it and briefcase near door to balcony across the office start. Go through the safe room, shoot the surveillance. Pick up propane flask near basement and set it on weapon crate, shoot it once. Pick up battery and go back through propane flask area, and go outside from the pool, to the final target. He should move on to a large puddle where you have a window to stop and make an easy throw to zap him. As soon as the briefcase stashed prompt pops up, detonate the remote taser to blow both targets up. Flub vague plans for duck destraction but gain like 2 seconds because of it anyway.

Initially, I dropped a breaching charge and briefcase, throwing the taser to distract the guard outside the garage, as he’ll beat the others to bring it to the weapon crate, and put the battery down to shoot it and lure the final target. It was lazier and seemed pretty cool, but then I realised I didn’t need to go through the garage door or even need the breaching charge. This freed up a weapon slot for what almost looked like Hitman skills.

More ‘refined’, 1:56

Same strat as before, but bring phone instead of duck. Bear with me. Pick up… shuriken in safe room on the way. When running for final target, put down phone in puddle (so a ‘proper’ use), call it for him to turn left as you go right. Run across shoreline this time, simply throw shuriken to distract guard on left side of the car. Run to boat and detonate taser as everyone dies at the same time. Stupid. Beautiful.


Glad to see new submissions being made. I have alot to play through now :+1:


I‘m so busy as well, all these escalations and ETs keeping me busy too…but like @Franz I hope to eventually get back on track with Sonko :blush:


Sorry late reply, yeah it’s Tellez.

SONKO Challenge #30 (02:46) @rattleshnake

Yeah, I used electrocution devices to kill guards again. But I think the more interesting part in this challenge is to see which path players will take. I probably took the safest route, though. :smile::+1:

And here is my strategie, like Yellow i used tasers for both regular guards, very good SONKO @rattleshnake :+1:


I’ve got some catching-up to do…

SONKO Challenge #27 (3.54)

This was really tough! Especially that male target. Trying to manipulate the AI to get him alone was a real challenge.

But what is going on with puking in the bin? I think that @KevinRudd mentioned this somewhere too. I’m sure she used to go to the toilet, but I’ve noticed now that almost everyone goes to the nearest bin and ignores toilets. Is this a known issue?


After I kicked up a fuss on Steam Discussion, HMF and Reddit people are finally starting to spread awareness of this issue. I thought it was just on Miami, but after I made a post people replied with stories about it happening in Legacy levels etc too

Zero word from IO, but I’ve left them at least two comments about it

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SONKO Challenge Number Thirsty-Three (#33)

PS4: 2-06-6309093-21
XB1: 3-06-2214291-05 (Thanks, @Euler13)
PC: 1-06-8123656-60 (Cheers, @sAndK)

We get 3 thirsty targets here, hence the name. :laughing:
Now don’t let the kill method fool you, because obviously you will need to find at least 1 extra poison jar on the map. So good luck, agents!

Targets' locations
  • L’Jaaz is in the underground garage of the consulate, right next to the black car exit.
  • Magnus is in the 1st floor security room of the consulate.
  • Tomas is in the 2nd floor large office of the consulate. You might remember him in one of the escalation in H2016.
Weapons' locations

There are 2 lethal poison jars on the map. One is in Zaydan’s office, the other one is in the underground tunnel area where Strandberg and Zaydan meet if phone calls are made.