SONKO Challenges

SONKO Challenge #30 (02:46) @rattleshnake

Yeah, I used electrocution devices to kill guards again. But I think the more interesting part in this challenge is to see which path players will take. I probably took the safest route, though. :smile::+1:

And here is my strategie, like Yellow i used tasers for both regular guards, very good SONKO @rattleshnake :+1:


I’ve got some catching-up to do…

SONKO Challenge #27 (3.54)

This was really tough! Especially that male target. Trying to manipulate the AI to get him alone was a real challenge.

But what is going on with puking in the bin? I think that @KevinRudd mentioned this somewhere too. I’m sure she used to go to the toilet, but I’ve noticed now that almost everyone goes to the nearest bin and ignores toilets. Is this a known issue?


After I kicked up a fuss on Steam Discussion, HMF and Reddit people are finally starting to spread awareness of this issue. I thought it was just on Miami, but after I made a post people replied with stories about it happening in Legacy levels etc too

Zero word from IO, but I’ve left them at least two comments about it

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SONKO Challenge Number Thirsty-Three (#33)

PS4: 2-06-6309093-21
XB1: 3-06-2214291-05 (Thanks, @Euler13)
PC: 1-06-8123656-60 (Cheers, @sAndK)

We get 3 thirsty targets here, hence the name. :laughing:
Now don’t let the kill method fool you, because obviously you will need to find at least 1 extra poison jar on the map. So good luck, agents!

Targets' locations
  • L’Jaaz is in the underground garage of the consulate, right next to the black car exit.
  • Magnus is in the 1st floor security room of the consulate.
  • Tomas is in the 2nd floor large office of the consulate. You might remember him in one of the escalation in H2016.
Weapons' locations

There are 2 lethal poison jars on the map. One is in Zaydan’s office, the other one is in the underground tunnel area where Strandberg and Zaydan meet if phone calls are made.


Good job mate. It’s a shame about the emetic issues, it’s adding another layer of randomness over already random scripts. But you improvised and it worked.
When I made the contract I also had this solution to kill Elena in mind. As long as timing is right and the guard is inside the room, she will always go there to warn him of weapons. It’s safe and reliable.


Wow! That was very smart. Nicely figured out.

Great. Amazing idea.

Slowly, but surely, and two for you @Sniff. I enjoyed both of these.

SONKO Challenge #28 (4.52)

SONKO Challenge #29 (1.51)

On another note, I’d love to know why I’m getting so much hate with my videos recently. Since July I’ve been getting 3 or 4 down votes almost consistently. With my previous video before these two: SONKO #27, it has 12 likes and 4 dislikes!?!


Maybe you get some regular haters who not only ironically subscribe but also give down votes every time? Or maybe they get so jealous thinking why a HITMAN dedicated channel can have more subscribers than their so-called ‘gaming’ channels? :thinking:

I think if the latter case is true, then they just underestimate the efforts you put in your videos, no matter is a video contains an ET’s all dialogues or a fast route which takes a couple of hours to practice. HITMAN is surely a niche video game, which can takes more amounts of practices than any other games to play well. After all, giving down votes is significantly easier.


Don’t mind the downvotes really they don’t matter. I could have any amount of likes and clicks, what I love are the comments. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would blame vacation season…I don’t know if you noticed, but it was troll central in the forum for a few weeks esp. during the heat wave…

Also your channel is growing isn’t it? So I guess it’ll naturally attract haters :roll_eyes:



First bank SONKO, enjoyed it. Although trying to do it faster I discovered the chair guard hates me personally. I guess it’s payback for standing near the doorway, opening and closing the door, holding an axe, but he has to admit that was pretty funny. I was trying something similiar to Toto to pull him closer, but it would just not work out for some reason. Looking at the videos I can hardly bring anything new to the party anyway.

What I did instead, for 2:07:

Throw audible distraction for first target. Pick up coin near vending machine, throw it to distract bagman. Pick up other two coins there. Enter door, throw extra coin near weapon box. Shoot camera, hack lock, go down. Throw other coin close to axe. Go in security room, throw briefcase near chairman. Around this point activate audible to keep first target near the weapon crate in perpetual state of confusion. Run and grab the axe, kill target checking out the coin. Sneak around for chairman and axe him once he’s a bit out of the security area. Go back around for our first target to axe him in the face and exit the building.

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SONKO Challenge #33: Xbox 3-06-2214291-05

I’ll be honest, currently I have no idea how to do this SA.


I am very surprised! Did I accidentally create the most difficult challenge here? :joy:

Oh well, I guess I will provide some hints here, if these can help. Cheers.

Hints for SONKO #33
  • Having both lethal poison vial and pills in loadout is recommended, because it’s way too hard and time consuming to get the jar in General Zaydan’s office.
  • Consulate garage start is recommended.
  • Timing is the key of this challenge, so observing guards’ routines (especially 2nd floor ones) is recommended.
  • Bullet distractions are useful to get through the tunnel section.
  • The military guy at the back of the consulate doesn’t even move, make him move at all cost!
  • Tbh I play the contract with minimap on. NPCs’ dot movements are helpful in this one, so it can be quite difficult for you and players who turn off UI completely.
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Already took me like 45 minutes just to recreate it, will be interesting.


SONKO #30 @rattleshnake

Cool little challenge
I really enjoyed it
Hope you will like it

@Yellow_ZR1 I am a bit terrified of #33.
When @Euler13 said he has no idea how to do it SONKO, and we all know how great player he is, I tried it today and damn it will be probably hardest challenge yet.


Oh, man! How can I feel so guilty and excited at the same time. :smiling_imp:

It is definitely doable in SA, although I am indeed concerned about if the challenge is too restricted in terms of loadout and route. In any case, I still hope to see you guys’ runs.


Reminds me of my sonko :see_no_evil::joy:…in the end we’ll see great and fast runs anyway :blush:

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