SONKO Challenges

SONKO Challenge #6 (1:01) :+1:



This is a fun one! All three targets are very distinct, so as soon as I saw one of them is Jabediah, I knew I would snipe the gas tank nearby. Easy accident kill! :sunglasses:


I used to be afraid of suit only run in Colorado, but now feeling more confident! One thing worth mentioned is every time I restarted, Kory’s partner’s routine (leaning on two different tables) would be different. So I feel pretty lucky to not be seen.


This one took me the most time to get a successful SA, but it’s worth it! The most annoying part would be two guards in the basement level. In one of my attempts, although one of them is injected with emetic poison, he still saw me trespassing. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: So in my final try, I had to wait for him being sick to proceed.

SONKO Challenge #7

I really enjoyed this one :+1:

Edit: ok…that’s freaky.
I finished it in 4:19 and the date yesterday was 4/19 :eyes:


Hello, everyone! I have an idea for this challenge series, mind if I take the #8 spot?


It’s difficult to get much console time at the minute, with it being Easter and the school holidays, so excuse the poor quality (this is a pretty ropey run: first SA on it and instinct-heavy).

:fr: :heart: :+1: @Franz


Okay, here goes!

SONKO Challenge #8 (Bangkok)

PS4: 2-16-0222114-21
Xbox: 3-16-2627511-05 (Thanks, @Euler13)
PC: 1-16-7591289-54 (Thanks, @MrWaterhandle )

Weapon Location: In a bedroom of the king suite, where you can also find a guitar to play.
Target Location: Everyone knows him, everyone loves him (well, except his girlfriend). It’s the one and only Jeff! He’s in a bathroom of the queen suite, arguing with his girlfriend.


Was wondering about that too. And first i thought it’s impossbile. Then i started to test different approaches, kills and timings. And finally found a good route from start to boat.
Was constantly improving this strategy with different kill methods. Started at 3:00 (Chandelier, Gas, Gas) and got it down now to 2:37 :cowboy_hat_face::+1:

Great contract @ILikeGAMESish

Xbox: 3-16-2627511-05

This is a really tough contract! :astonished:


I thought there would be something with that kind of route; just had that nagging feeling as I was playing through. Beautifully done Chaos – that slo-mo propane finish. :yum:


I initially thought it would be easier to obtain katana in night time Bangkok (compared to day time Bangkok, of course). Glad to know this is a tough one.

It’s rough…I tried to hide the katana in a container…didn’t work :rofl:


I tried it yesterday. It’s sure difficult but I got my plans…im hoping I can pull off something very cool.

I never tried it before but it sure will save me alot of restarts lol. Thinking off aiming to the balcony on top of the atrium.
Source by GuLe

Or if that doesn’t work, simply throwing it around will lol


SONKO Challenge #6 (1.34)

SONKO Challenge #7 (2.50)

I really enjoyed this one, @Franz. :+1:

Now on to @Yellow_ZR1’s fiendishly tricky contract.


Awesome runs of 7 I’ve seen here. So fast and all so different! I’ll share mine here even though I haven’t got my hands on 6 yet! Will do once I get back from holidays.

My run is slow but it has got one thing going for it in that I use the same axe for both kills. But when creating the contract I did hope that the several axes lying around would provide plenty of other opportunities.

Didn’t look at those 6 vids so I can come up with something myself, even if it will turn out to be slower :smiley:

8 looks like a treat as well


SONKO Challenge #8 (5.44)

@Yellow_ZR1: I’m not sure if this is your intended solution, but getting that katana through the window was quite frustrating. Often it would appear to be going through the window, but would bounce off the frame and just land on the ledge below the window, and then it could not be retrieved. However, when it all worked out it felt very satisfying indeed. I think this might have been the trickiest contract so far.


Good to hear you feeling satisfied! :slightly_smiling_face: However, this is not exactly how I intended when I created this contract.
The hint to make this easier is:

Jeff is a unique NPC, he has his own special routine.

Other than that, it’s almost identical about the part of obtaining katana. And you beat my time, too. Brilliant!


SONKO #8 for PC: 1-16-7591289-54

I really liked it. It was really tricky, but also really fun. Even though it took a couple of hours of exploring, experimenting, and execution, I always wanted to give it one more try.

Here’s what I did:

Run up to suite, go through door across, shoot camera from below. Sneak past the gardeners in the middle (somewhat counterintuitively even though one of them seems like he would spot you, if you go early right after he moves he does not). Go through window. Place duck near the bottom of staircase to the right. Blow it up while going up, just dart and use the panic caused to not get caught tresspassing. It’s very consistent, and fast. Retrieve the katana. Go back down quickly the same route. Here’s the hardest part, there’s a simple way, but it is a tight window. Just coin the cleaner on the left, as far as possible, and use hitman vision, if the recording crew guy just outside the door is looking at the wall, and everyone’s calmed down from the coin, dart past, hug the staircase.

The rest is fairly straightforward, but tense. I didn’t throw the katana through the window like euler13, I just triggered jeff’s conversation, and some katana juggling/distracting. Another way would be to lure jeff into your room instead, saves a slight amount of time, though not as much as what euler did at the end.

I have an idea for the next one, however I would like to hear other thoughts. I tested it, and it’s a solid contract to me, however, I get a really strange sense it has to have been done before.

The idea is simple: Sgail, Rita Jenkins (funeral curator) with the Viking Axe. What makes it interesting is the two locations of the Viking Axe, one next to the the entertainer’s diguise, the other encased in glass in the Keep. From the entertainer’s route, it’s not super challenging, but a fun contract. From the Keep, it is a shorter route, however getting that axe is way trickier.

So the thing is, it seems so simple of an idea that seems to line up so well, I wonder if it just hasn’t been done before. Or people have already figured out how to easily get that encased axe SONKO mode, and it won’t be any fun for them. Thoughts on this?


Thanks for recreating #8 on PC! I am glad that you having a fun time playing it. :slight_smile:

As for your Viking Axe idea: I remember Viking Axe cannot be held while climbing pipes, so it sure will be a challenging contract!

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As @Yellow_ZR1 said, you cannot carry the Viking axe up drainpipes, so the one next to the blindfolded musician’s disguise is useless; you can throw it out the window, but the castle walls are too high to throw it up there. In fact, I just double checked and I was able to get that axe from the room to location to the room where Rita hangs out, but it is a long and tedious route. So you would probably need to obtain the one in the keep.

Why don’t you test it out and if you like the idea and think it works, then create a contract for us? If it doesn’t work out, then I’m sure you could try out a different idea.

Would you like to claim #9?

Figured out a way to SA Colorado! Difficult to repeat it because the target that’s outside is still tricky to me. I also go for the taser in the puddle kill, but sometimes it’s his buddy who reacts to it. Don’t think I’ll upload a video because I don’t think I’ve come up with anything fast or interesting, but it is a lot of fun figuring it out!

Having a lot of fun with Bangkok. My idea will be to get Jeff in his room after he’s Done talking with his gf. Looks easier to get the katana there. Got it til the rooftop before my gf interrupted me insisting on watching a movie together. At least I got the route to the katana down I think :slight_smile: Ah.