SONKO Challenges

Especially @Euler13 aka the pi guy


I’m quite rusty after time off but I saw this one and was intrigued. :slightly_smiling_face:

SONKO #32 - 3:31


SONKO Challenge #31 (1.39)

SONKO Challenge #32 (3.55)

@Hernandez-06-FCB: This had me stumped for quite some time. However, I managed to find a nice route in the end, which was very satisfying indeed. Good old pistol distractions saved the day!


It’s been a long time, man! Welcome back. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Great runs @Euler13

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SONKO Challenge #34 (Mumbai) by @Sniff.

PS4: 2-13-6478253-26.
XB1: 3-13-9303703-05. (Thanks @Euler13)
PC: 1-13-5161602-02. (Thanks @brief)

  1. All three target kill methods are Beak Staff (Melee).
  2. In order of elimination:
    a. Vivaan Dhar.
    b. Ramesh Rao.
    c. Mohan Jain.
  3. The complications, as always, are just the standard option Suit Only and No KO.

(All three of them are on the roof of the train yard).

Good luck, guys!

Accidentally screwed up the post, so sorry if you got a new notification for this.


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I could try tomorrow (in about eight hours (if I’m not playing COD: MW)).

You’re referring to Level 3, right, @Hernandez-06-FCB?

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Wtf my video 33 is unavailable

Hmm, that’s strange, cause I definitely have watched it before. Maybe you can try to re-upload?

SONKO #34 @Sniff

This contract was not that difficult, and presented a little puzzle. I enjoyed it. And how in the hell Hitmanist got 2:15 here when it took me 1:55 just to get beak axe and get on the roof from the nearest starting point. Lol, that dude has crazy times.

@Yellow_ZR1 yeah, i have no clue what yt did. I hope i didn’t delete it from my hdd.

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There’s like two other beak staffs in the hideout, one’s next to the stairs that go up to the guys talking about Sagar the Barber. Also, the staffs are concealable (if you read Hitman Maps and saw that it apparently wasn’t) and a briefcase might make it easier for you.

Levers are all on the train yard roof and can help get to the train (which depending on your time can be faster than taxi).

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Also, @Hernandez-06-FCB… I present to you.

The Kotti Paradigm (SONKO in Paris) by @Sniff.

PS4: 2-02-8126523-26.

Just your casual targets: Liza McKenzie, Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali and Hailey Brennan without Battle Axe kill method.

Good luck, guys.


I forgot about briefcase.:worried:

SONKO Challenge #34 (04:36)

I originally thought that this one would be similar to #16 by @Ibbe040, which also involves targets on the train yard’s roof. Later I knew that the beak staff is a large weapon, which cannot be held when climbing pipes, so that kinda made a difference. I only later saw @djukak’s run to know that it is actually possible to just throw it, but I went through stairs, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the challenge here is to not let bodies get found. In such case, I have went through several runs with bodies found. This still remains pretty enjoyable at the end though. :smile::+1:


there was already a sonko who had 3 targets in the consulate (the #33) so I do not think it’s a good idea search rather targets in the cafe or the market.

SONKO Challenge #34: Xbox 3-13-9303703-05


Thank you, I was hoping someone would take the time to go up the stairs. That really caused some rage trying to redo it again and again in Contracts Mode (even though it didn’t matter).


SONKO Challenge #34 (3.47)