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This was a really enjoyable contract to master. I had some unlucky runs when I arrived to the lab, sometimes Jorge would continue to walk past the lab and orher times he went straight to the lab. So I couldn’t bother to restart anymore and let him visit the lab and then I went in after he left.
Atleast now I’m way better sneaking in the mansion then I was before this contract.

Good job @ILikeGAMESish. I didn’t think of causing a lockdown on Jorge. That was smart :+1:


PS4 ID: 2-11-3443147-55


Get it done! :slight_smile:

Thanks, @CHAOS_AGENT_45, for recreating this on PS4!

Figuring out which way to reach the target was intense, and I almost got caught when entering the public area. :laughing:

SONKO Challenge #3 (3.05)


Should have thought about that exit :smiley: Running through those crowds towards the entrance is such a chore. Great run!

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I’m claiming SONKO CHALLENGE #4 :+1: :muscle:


I’ve run through SONKO #2 and #3 but I’m not sure I can improve on the great runs in this thread! I think I managed to get SONKO #3 down to 3:00 and there is definitely a 1:20-1:30 route for SONKO #2 but that depends on bodies found.


How would you like to claim #5 and create a challenge for us?


Sounds good, I’ll get on it :slight_smile:



PS4: 2-13-3108094-63
Xbox: 3-13-1943575-05 Thanks, @Euler13

Old Axe location: Hidden beside a cargo and the wall you jump over when you select the taxi spawn entrance. Use if you can’t find it

I also added a required exit complication. It’s the Crows Hideout exit.

For those who’ll recreate the contract

Location of the targets;
  • Local security: Found in Construction Site (map name).
  • Thug 1: Found in Crows Rooftop (map name level 2), right beside the text on the map.
  • Thug 2: Found in Crows Back Alley (map name level 0), protecting the main entrance to the Crows Hideout.
    There are two Ninads. Don’t pick Ninad Singh.
    The target, Ninad Vinal is standing and not moving.

Just recreating it now. Do we need to have the forced exit? It might hinder creativity as it forces you to play the map in one direction - there are two old axes! :wink:


I didn’t know about the other axe. It made sense for me if you’re getting the axe from the construction site and then heading to the crows area and it adds some difficulty to it but you can remove it if you want.

I think for cross platform consistency we’ll leave it in, but in future I think we should restrict complications to no disguise change and no pacifications. Unless others think it’s a good idea to allow other complications. Maybe just have forced exit as an option? Personally I prefer to leave it more open ended, but I’m happy to go with popular opinion.


I agree that not having a restricted exit leaves more creativity. I thought it out as going from construction site to the crows area since that made the most sense and then leaving in the crows hideout is not the easiest thing to do if you haven’t been there.

I think the creator can choose if it should be restricted or not, but if no one wants a restricted exit complication then we leave it.


I was just about to publish when I realised I had the wrong third target. I had Ninad Singh. Where is Ninad Vimal?


He’s right beside Ninad Singh. My bad, I should have been more clear about it. He’s the one who is just standing and not moving.

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:rofl: I saw Ninad and thought I had a winner! Oh, well. I’ve got a cool route figured out how. :wink:

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Nice, I’m excited to see everyones run and ready to be amazed :grin:

SONKO Challenge #4
Xbox: 3-13-1943575-05 :+1:


Personally I’m for no exit restrictions but that’s just my two cents. Regardless of that, looking forward to play challenge 4. Mumbai remains the most intimidating map for me so I’m betting it will take me some time.

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