SONKO Challenges

SONKO #2 (1:28)

SONKO #4 (2:35)

Some great contracts here dudes. Not uploading #3 because honestly it was pretty identical to others that were posted here. It was a great contract, but my laptop is on its last legs and I think a third video would have destroyed it :laughing:. I’ll publish and post SONKO #5 maybe tomorrow, looking forward to seeing the other runs of #4.

P.S There’s a chance that #4 might be on trending contracts this morning as I definitely restarted ~80 times last night!


@ILikeGAMESish: Wow! :sunglasses:

Here’s my offering…

SONKO Challenge #4 (3.40)

These challenges are awesome. I’d encourage others to give them a go.

Looking forward to your contract, @ILikeGAMESish. On that note, I’ll claim #6.


Wow :clap: :clap: :clap: 10/10 for both of you


I spent two hours+ today trying to get the right exit guard to not call in the shots to speed things up a bit more; but he did, every time. :sob::gun:

Nice contract @Ibbe040.


SONKO Challenge #5

Also available on PS4: ID: 2-21-1268023-21 Thanks to @Yellow_ZR1!


Proof of completion for SONKO 4. Had great fun with it! Slicing through the Crows’ hideout with an old axe was a very immersive and challenging experience. Won’t upload a video because my run was far too slow and not as enjoyable to watch as it was to play.

Now on to Isle of Sgail!


Available on PS4 now! ID: 2-21-1268023-21 :slight_smile:

I will upload my run on #4 later, too!


Brilliant, thank you very much! Look forward to seeing it!

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I think I’ll be able to do it faster and make an interesting video. Great challenge, great contract!


Ok…now this is a tough challenge. I’ve never gotten Block by himself. Gonna take alot of restart.

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When I ran through it I was going for SMG only run, but it was a bit of a bugger so hopefully there’s a few approaches you can find.

Yeah there is. The lady is easy, MOC is somewhat also easy but I need training on that.
But Block will be difficult. I’m gonna have to go in the mission, set up a save point and learn how to take him out. The difficult with him is learning his routine and what 47 triggers when he gets close. Then I only have to distract two of the guards

This is my run:

I’m sure speedwise it can be improved by pistol distractions, but I don’t do those due to a lack of skill but also because it’s simply not my playstyle.

Tried breaking off the conversation that the Master of Ceremony has, but failed. Glad it did work for the Constant, that guy is so boring.

Instead of poisoning his drink, I tried wiring Jeremiah at the same time, but I always got caught dragging off his body. Obviously lethal poison would be faster, but again, not really my playstyle.

I think I’ve got the routing down to a pretty efficient beeline, so I’m pleased with that, and I’m also happy I could use my little trick again for the mortician. I used the same on a contract of mine that got featured.

I saw Euler did it in half my time already, so better sit tight for his run.

Great contract ILikeGAMESish :smiley:


Only managed to get on console about 20 minutes ago, as my daughter and friends have been on a Roblox marathon all afternoon. :neutral_face:

This has been fun so far though. Jebediah :smiling_imp:

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Well atleast I got the girl and MOC figured out. Still have to practice killing Block.


SONKO Challenge #5 - Shabby 47 vs Smooth 47 (3.02 & 4.30)



This surely was a challenging one, especially the crow’s hideout exit complication. I kinda got trapped when I realized I have to shoot my explosive phone to distract guards at the exit. Anyway, getting it done SA! :wink:

One question though: is it eligible to use sniper rifle in SONKO challenges? I plan to use it in #5.


Absolutely! The only rules are to remain in your suit and no knockouts. Otherwise, anything goes.


I meant to post this last night: crashed out. :sleeping:

Was going to run it a bit more to get the time down and tidy it up, but the head turn is way too random. Nice contract Ish, lots of options; I wonder if there’s a better route, going Axel-Jeb-Muriel with a boat exit.


I see SONKO number 6 is taken, but I’d like to claim #7 if I may :slight_smile:

As the topic gets bigger, the opening post could maybe be used as an inventory of the SONKO contracts created so far?