SONKO Challenges

Nice, where are the targets?

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I’m still not too familiar with Mendoza but here it is.


Surprisingly, my own run only happens to be 6 seconds slower than @ColdDayInHell 's.


You could have saved time using a pistol instead :wink:

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I’d like to claim #77. I’ve thought of a good Berlin contract (good as in doesn’t require as much awkward running around as 74) but there’s already been quite a few there. It also feels a bit strange to be the first to make a SONKO that isn’t in a H3 level, but as I’m typing this I’ve gotten a couple of possible ideas for some of them. So, where out of these maps should I make a challenge for?

  • Berlin
  • Dartmoor
  • Mendoza
  • Haven Island
  • Marrakesh by Night
  • Option I’m voting so I can see poll results

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HBoS wins, and it’ll be published hopefully within the next few hours.


Here it is. I have to say, I think this one is much more speedrun friendly compared to 74.

Target Locations

I had a surprising amount of fun taking their photographs. I think playing a contract over and over again causes you to get the same sort of bond you’d get with a main target.
Abdul-Ahad Mikhail guards the meeting space, on a rooftop.

Fakhiri Sajjad Mustafa patrols the area from the shoe shop to the snail stands.

Latifa Eid is a shopkeeper by the headmaster’s home.

Yousef Shitrit is the shopkeeper by the well.



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Nice, I wish I liked HBOS a little more. This may help that.

The featured contracts here sucked so bad. The little ship of horrors one… NOPE lol

Too bad we can’t use Sapienza at night (not the Icon; The Author)


Soooo who’s claiming 78? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’d suppose you may take the number if you want. :slightly_smiling_face:

Location for next challenge (Choose 2 if you’d like)
  • Whittleton Creek
  • Sapienza (WOT)
  • Dubai
  • Miami
  • Hokkaido

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Funny, I just voted myself and it was the top 2 choices anyway. I’ll try and conjure up one tonight on either Miami or Hokkaido.


SONKO Challenge #78 l Tightening Raceway Security

Since the last one I did was any method, I went back to my favorite. :grin:

Target locations

It should be obvious from the pictures but let me know if you can’t find a guard and I’ll upload their location.


Just want to say, I stumbled on this contract whilst searching the Miami contracts on Xbox and it was awesome, as I’m just trying to get in to speedrunning after completing everything else the game has to offer! Prompted me to sign up here and follow.

Just did it in a 2:52 here:

I know of a few places I could strip a few seconds but any feedback would be appreciated!


That was an impressive run with some risky moves! Congrats!

Oh, and welcome to the forum!


That was an extremely impressive run. That’s really all I’ve got to add to it.


Thanks guys! Took a few hours of trial and error (especially on the podium guard) but defo felt like a good solid run! :grin:

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Nice run, that’s really funny because I did the briefcase throw for the first guard too. And gunshot lured the podium guard as well :rofl: I uploaded it but kept it unlisted for now. Glad you liked it, I like linear contracts so that’s why it plays the way it does. I am not good at creating them though.

Love me some fiber wire kills.


I tried placing it at first but he took too long to get to the security room so I thought I’d just lob it at him instead :rofl:. Also saw the trick on another contract for the podium guy so worked that one out pretty quick!

Thumbs up for linear ones though. They feel far more natural to me as you can plan and refine a nice route though.

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Agreed. I tried the Marina-Dolphin exit and it was so much slower unless someone has some wizardry.

SONKO #62 @ColdDayInHell

I decided to catch up with sonko.
This contract was cool and not that difficult.