SONKO Challenges

It’s only happened with me with the cook I mentioned.

Most frustrating thing here is that Travis said in prior to last stream that they can’t fix everything related to this, because they don’t see something’s broken. They need particular cases, particular spots, particular situations and so on to be able to investigate.
That’s a bit strange if you ask me and most likely means that this wallhacks won’t be addressed, sadly.


SONKO 55 by @djukak
Had a lot of fun with this one. It has a great balance between interesting targets and challenge. I’d love to see how people did this one a minute faster.

I’m not going to claim one just yet, but I have some ideas. Which of these sounds the best? Trying not to reveal too much so target count only.

  • Marrakesh Day - 1/2 Targets
  • ICA Facility - 4 Targets
  • Landslide - 2 Targets

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I found this recently, too bad it’s already been made. It would make a perfect SONKO challenge.


SONKO #71 @Shrodax

This is really interesting concept, as targets had to be eleminated in specific order, some of them at least.
I really enjoyed it.


I couldn’t wait any longer.

SONKO #81 is here. I just noticed that Crewdy chose Dubai for 80 and I didn’t know that before I published this. I hope you don’t mind Dubai too much. It’s not my favorite either :wink:

I thought the idea was cool and somewhat decent for speedrunning.

Fiber wire kills obviously :slight_smile:

Xbox ID: 3-27-7651037-50

For recreation: (the 2 elevator exit guards, the pilot and the window washer on the penthouse balcony thing)


If it’s somewhat boring, that’s par for the course because I am dogshit at contracts lmao.



SONKO Challenge #81 (ColdDayInHell)

Please watch from 2:47
HITMA3 SONKO Challenge #81 (ColdDayInHell) - YouTube(3:04)

HITMA3 SONKO Challenge #81(ColdDayInHell) - YouTube(2:07)


2nd one was boss. I was thinking of alarming Ingram but chose not to.

The ladder was a much better choice than my method: the ladder where the explosive golf ball is

Did you like it? I guess it’s pretty simple.


Ps4 2-27-2131845-21


Sorry, forgot to add complication. Will do a new one.


Correct contract is in the post above.


SONKO #81 @ColdDayInHell

I enjoyed it man.
It wasn’t that difficult and Dubai definitly is not my favourite map but this contract is pure sonko.
Nice one…


Another great Fibre Wire contract @ColdDayInHell !
SONKO #81: The Exit Guards in 2:05

I’m intrigued at how long people spend refining their strats? This took me about 2 hours of playing around - I originally waited for Ingram and his guards but that was too slow, then I tried panicking them at the helipad before I realised I could do it from below with some tweaking. I always feel like I’m a bit slow on the uptake with working out my strats :rofl:


Thanks Monica, I did enjoy making it because it’s possible without bullet distractions but it makes it a lot easier. I LOVE bullet distractions.

And for the last target, the window washer… you don’t need to shoot to the right of her. It does cause her to not see your reflection if you’re not crouched. But it’s the guard on the penthouse floor walking back and fourth that sees the kill. If he’s there, just shoot to the right or left of him :wink:

I should have made it “PERFECT SHOOTER” just to annoy the speedrunners and wannabe speedrunners like myself.


Interesting, I got spotted by her half the time even when crouched and she turned around before I could get to her - but I don’t remember it ever really being an issue before. Bullet distraction just seemed safer tbh. My game seems a bit screwy right now, doing lots of stuff I’ve never had happen before.

First few times I did it without distractions and my time was around a 2:35 I believe, just means you have a bit of waiting around for Ingram and the dude by the lift, but doing the pilot first negates a lot of the time.

I need to slow down my runs a bit, I defo am starting to get sick of speedrunning everything for the fastest time, it’s sapping the fun out of some contracts I’ve been trying.


Great strat on #81! :clap:

I used to spend hours refining my runs to get the #1 spot, unless @III_Ed_B_III was doing the same contract, in which case I’d settle for second. :wink:
But since just over half way through the H2 cycle I just do a few runs to get a time I’m pleased with. For #81 I tried multiple restarts to catch the first target before he walked to his leaning position, but I just couldn’t get there in time. After I used my pistol to distract him I got my time of 2.22 on my third try. Although I got lucky picking a decent route.

To be honest, I tend to go more with purity now. Unless the contract demands disguises, I nearly always like to self-impose suit only and I try to avoid KOs and emetics.
@ColdDayInHell: Please don’t start adding perfect shooter! It’d kill my play style. :frowning_face:


Ha, I was joking. I actually hate complications. I did an Any method last SONKO so I had to revert to my favorite style this time (Fiber wire) :wink:

Perfect Shooter works for odd puzzle contracts, not the average contract. And for SONKO, it’s almost necessary to use bullet distractions.


Last time I checked this poll there wasn’t a winner, but now there is, Landslide wins.
I’ll claim 82 and I’ll have a go at making it soon. However, I did test one of the kills a while before (went well) but if the other starts annoying me as much as speedrunning was before I begun the competitive hiatius, 82 will probably end up getting released mid-August when Roulette Rivals 6 starts up and I get “back in the game”


I had this too – from the vine and the lift shaft route. Was wondering whether my connection has slowed down or something, as I’m 99.9% sure you could catch that guard from either route from previous play/contracts a few months ago.

@Crewdy - It’s usually an hour limit per contract for me – pick a route, play it, move on. If something has me intrigued I’ll play for longer. Each to their own, but there’s no way I’m throwing a duck at a wall or muffins at a ledge for hours; my patience with this game is way too short for that kind of perseverance.


@Euler13 @III_Ed_B_III thanks, I think this is the mindset I need to get in to - I don’t have to have the fastest time on every leaderboard, just a time I feel is good and a route I’m comfortable with. I was playing Yaninni’s WCB contract last night (Duality of Miami) and spent an hour trying to get a panic to work on a single guard to save 2-3 seconds. Must have restarted about 50 times. It got very frustrating and I just thought why am I still doing this?

I had to hold LB+forward, mash B to exit the cutscene and then use the absolute shortest route up the vine to get him. You also have to make sure 47 doesn’t do his odd little skip when you change weapons. It worked maybe 4/10 times so I gave up and used a bullet distraction instead.

@ColdDayInHell I was watching KOats Twitch stream last night and he came up with an interesting SONKO contract on Santa Fortuna. I’ll recreate it tonight and put it in the Fan Contracts thread. I think you’ll enjoy it.