SONKO Challenges

First 10 SONKO-Challenges for PC are done!
#8: 1-16-6947819-62
#9: 1-22-8858948-62
#10: 1-21-9103809-62


Thank you very much for completing the set. All the contract IDs have been added to the second post.

What an incredible achievement that all 60 contracts have been recreated across all four platforms: PC, Stadia, PlayStation, and Xbox. Thanks once again to @Franz for organising this and making it happen. :clap:


That’s an awesome milestone! Also happy to see (judging from Contract ID’s) that @DarkHelmet got access to the New York and Haven Island maps for Stadia! :smiley: He effectively re-created 60 contracts all by himself :open_mouth:

I’m counting on playing and creating new SONKO Contracts with you in the near future. Still in Campaign and maximising mastery mode now. I hope to be with you once you reach the SONKO 80’s at the latest.


It was a very exciting contract!
It can be played by stealth or snipe, and the difficulty level was just right.
I’ve got a lot from this. Thank you!


I’m speechless. Also that song was very awesome.

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SONKO 64 is here. It is a pretty simple trip through the mansion of Mendoza.
PC Contract: 1-31-6755364-04
PS Contract: 2-31-1379490-02 (thanks @TheContractor)
Xbox Contract: 3-31-1870459-54 (thanks @Euler13)

Click here for target locations if you want to re-create it.


Do Mendoza contracts work now?

Newly created ones do, but ones made pre-patch don’t apparently

I’ll recreate on PS :+1: Then have a go at making my own


Mendoza’s an interesting map. It’s like guarded, bot not oversaturated like Chongqing or Dartmoor to the extent of which I want to stop playing after a while. Lots of opportunities. Atmospherically pleasing.

@Euler13, I’ve finished my contract: SONKO Challenges - #72 by Sniff


Now on PS: 2-31-1379490-02

Also my own SONKO #65

PC ID: 1-30-4318390-62 (thanks @djsojus)
PS ID: 2-30-3837294-02
XB ID: 3-30-6045925-84 (thanks @Franz)

For Recreation

All three are ontop of the apartment building. Just be careful explosions are close enough to kill and not KO


PC ID for SONKO #65: 1-30-4318390-62


Could probably be a lot faster, have to try some different strategies. My initial run:


@Franz Sorry to say, but I still haven’t got access to those maps and didn’t recreate those contracts.
Looking over the list, some of the IDs are wrong in @Euler13’s 2nd post.

#8, 24, 30, 45, 48, 50, 51, 52, 54, 55, & 58 all still need created on Stadia.
The contract IDs used for those are just duplicate IDs of the contract above it.

Also, #37-60 of the PC contracts are all the same ID number too. I looks like it’s the actual ID for #36 but pasted for every PC contract after.


My mistake and good spot! I wrote a program to parse Franz’s post and looking now I can see that when a contract ID did not exist for a particular platform it has used the last available ID. So, for example, you had created #7, but as #8 did not exist it has used the same ID as #7. You’d clearly figured that out for PC. I’ll have to manually edit them later because all of the posts contain images now, which I had to insert myself one at a time.


I was wondering if that was the case and you automated it somehow.

Knowing that those second two digits refer to the location was what made me notice the PC discrepancies. So when those location numbers didn’t line up across all the different platform IDs for a particular contract, I figured something was wrong with those too.

I guess you’ll have to start on Saving ‘Saving SONKO’ ! :laughing:


SONKO #63 issued.
Replaned today.
Platform : PS4
Contract ID
PC : 1-31-9987179-62 (thank you @djsojus)
PS4 : 2-31-2271429-39
XBox : 3-31-4128355-54 (thank you @Euler13)
Basic 2 Complication only.


Recreated for PC: 1-31-9987179-62


HITMA3 SONKO Challenge #64(GapFreezer)NO ITEM - YouTube(3:49)


HITMA3 SONKO Challenge #63(helpwhiteさん) - YouTube(7:54)


Just finished Euler13 's SONKO #68 ! Also because I love Chongqing so damn much.

Loved it. Looking at videos of people here, it looks like I came up with the same discovery as @ZeroGravitas and also killed her with the discoball. It was a fun process of discovering where her route after getting fired would get her, but I knew it should be something where she’d be more vulnerable than way down below. Also had some exploding moped and cars in mind that were on her route, but the discoball felt like the most rewarding conclusion.

Surprised to see it wasn’t even what Euler had in mind in the first place! :smiley: The joys of Hitman.

I’ll recreate TheContractor’s #65 for Xbox.
@TheContractor : 3-30-6045925-84 is up and running.