SONKO Challenges

I have completed SONKO Challenge #2. Original time was 4.35, it’s now 2.56. Video posted soon.

Also willing to claim #67.

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Completed SONKO 61 (on PC). Here’s the proof. Will make my planned SONKO later.


Recreated on PC
ID: 1-29-5766391-52


Okay, ya stumped me. Why are the two accident targets encased in a bathroom with another person, and how do I get remotely close to killing them?

I figured people might get stumped by this, all I will say is I used a lot of distractions to get who I needed completely alone if albeit only briefly.

I found the key. Lemme retry.

If people still have problems in a few days, I do have a video walkthrough of my ways to complete the mission.

HITMA3 SONKO Challenge #61(TheScriptDesk)NO ITEM(4:41)


SONKO Challenge #61
3-28-3950018-54 (Xbox)


Could you write where the targets can be found in your contract details post using [spoiler] tags so that it can be recreated on other platforms?

@easoneastin: Maybe you could let me know where Walther and Joachim can be found?


Walther is in the dancefloor bathroom with two other people, Joachim is beside the woman who tells you to put stickers on the phone.


Thanks. Not sure how I’m going to take out Walther in an accident!

I don’t know the Berlin map well enough yet. Where is the woman who tell you to put stickers on the phone?

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Ah, when you start with the rave on suit, she’ll be right in front of you.

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They are now listed under my original post. Hope the descriptions help enough.


Thanks. :+1: That’ll help if someone is able to recreate it on Stadia.

SONKO Challenge #66
3-29-8418572-54 (Xbox)

Don’t forget to add the PC, and now Xbox, contract IDs to your post.


I put together a small tutorial video for the accident kills for #66, this isn’t a tutorial for the whole contract but should help more people complete it.

I think there is also opportunity for something involving propane tanks which is why I didn’t restrict the type of accident.

This might help you out if you are still stumped.

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The way the contracts and their various IDs for each platform are listed is really helpful, keep up this format if you can.

That seems like a heavy hitter to speedruns, but I’ll take it.

Honestly I think making a hard contract makes it more interesting for speedruns. It adds that room for error, I managed to do the contract in Sub 8 minutes, but still think it can actually be cut down to Sub 6 minutes at least once people get more accustomed to the challenge. In the end though, I always want to make a contract which is complicated and challenges people to leave their comfort zones and experiment. Although I’ll probably make it easier next time.

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Speedrunners aren’t fans of distraction RNG. For a SONKO, it’s okay because some people take their time; but contracts in which I, a speedrunner, have to be shoving multiple people constantly aren’t great in terms of design.