SONKO Challenges

I really enjoyed this contract. It’s not too complicated and Any Method gives much freedom to experiment. I love electro partys :wink:


I would like to join to the SONKO challenge community.


And yeah, the kill on Noel was pretty cheap, I admit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking forward for the next contracts.


Welcome to our club


I did sonko #63 today.

Nice contract. It seemed overwhelming to me at first (even because I’m not very experied with contracts in general) but I managed to make an acceptable route. Not fast, but it’s enough for my poor skills.


I’ve been meaning to catch up on some of these, however there’s just too much in-game content and real life shenanigans to find the time to get through it all at the moment. I spent a good while planning this one out any method too, with a BC kill on Tamara. :man_facepalming: Anyway, not too happy with this but here’s something at least for #63.


Great run, we’ll done with the first two targets, especially with the merc. My only issue with this contract in the weird ragdoll with the target on the cinema: this one ruined most of my attempts, because any time I shoot him he letterally fly over the near worker. I noticed in your video he does almost the same even if you shoot with a pistol.

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Thanks, and yeah I ran this about a week ago and then again yesterday and had that with cinema guy both times: he can fly back, forward so far he gets spotted, or just drop like he should. Something to do with his animations at the time of the kill and the way the NPC is positioned on that weird floor I guess.

My first SA route was using a pistol shot from the same stairs on the guy in the vineyard, but the results on that shot through the glass seemed hit-and-miss too, so just played it safe in the end and took him out on the way to the exit.

I tried to snipe him near the parking starting point, it wasn’t in plain sight but I could spot him through instinct, but even if I aimed to his head, and considering the bullet would pass through foliage, I missed him. I guess his posture is tricky at this point.

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Thanks for playing, well done! :blush: @III_Ed_B_III @Loner


@helpwhite Thank you. I 'm not very confident with contracts, but I found your one really well designed, every target was well chained each other. I definitely prefer the contracts from the SONKO community over the featured batch.


I’ll claim number 70 if that’s okay. Really enjoyed this one Freezer, I could of done a lot better if I had avoided the security camera and didn’t need to destroy the recording, but that was wholly my mistake.


Nice one!


I believe this one will be a lot less frustrating for you guys than #66 but I still wanted to have a element of challenge to it, I hope people like this one more than the last one I made at least. (Should be better for speed running too!) The Contract IDs are:
PS4: 2-27-6408995-76
Xbox: 3-27-7743395-54
PC: 1-27-1998770-99

In’aam is directly next to the meeting room
Asgar is in the Accumulus art exhibit
Ameer is one of Sheikh Omar Al-Ghazali’s personal bodyguards.


This is my kill methods.


nice stealth contract, I enjoyed :smile:

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Tomorrow I’m going to try to re-create my old H2 SONKOs for PC. Might do a few others too since I saw some not done yet.


Mmh… This sound very challenging yet stimulating , I’ll give a look later.

My SONKO #70 run.

That was a nice challenge, I even learn something new about Dubai: you can reach behind the place where the sheik is having his speech, and you can throw people from there like I do with Ameer!

Pushing the targets was tricky at first, but fortunaly I’ve make a pair of tricks for making things almost consistent. Another great sonko contract. I need to complete the previous ones.

@helpwhite I see you did 2:24 in this contract: impressive! I would like to see your run. :wink:


My old ones are on PC now.