Soundtrack and Book Downloads Missing

I bought the deluxe edition and i’ve linked hitman 3 to my IOI account and also transferred the progress. Where’s my soundtrack and book downloads?

IOI’s blog still says they were fixing it for PC on the 22nd of January and it’s still not in the rewards and bonuses section.

I’m gonna go on a little rant here, but yeah, if I’m paying extra for the deluxe edition, I expect my downloads to be available on day one. @Travis_IOI answer this, please. IOI twitter has been ignoring me and I’ve asked this 5 times now.


I’m in the same boat as you.

(Sad high five)

I’m not terribly worried though. I’m sure it’ll get fixed. I definitely have the deluxe edition stuff in my game at least.


Guys, don’t worry.
Developers know the issue and are working on a workaround.
Once it’s done all your goodies will wait for you in your IOI Account (or in some other place, just how developers will say).
Just keep a track on IOI’s Twitter for any updates.
Additionally all big materials are posted on IOI’s Official Website

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The EGS addons page has these categories, but there are no addons in these categories yet, so are they gonna give it through the launcher or the rewards and bonuses section?


Quite possible.
But as of now, you should wait those things in your IOI Account, in Rewards and Bonuses section