Special Assignment - Embrace of the Serpent - Discussion



I thought I may as well make a thread for discussion surrounding this particular special assignment as we’re approaching the 7 day mark until this drops.

Previously we’ve had new unlocks for bonus missions, nothing has been mentioned around anything new for this or Illusions of Grandeur for that matter. thoughts?

Target name: Blair Reddington

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All I hope is that the missions are fun and have fun and interesting targets and a good unlock with them


Same. Hoping the map change is quite significant too. With Santa Fortuna being quite a large map im hoping we get a lot to go at.

I like that the big jungle map will get a mision set in the jungle i hope it will be more utilized


You may as well have them in the same thread, since they’re both the same day, same category, and seem like they’ll be small

I mean they said it in the Roadmap post, they won’t have contracts mode because they don’t offer enough that the original maps don’t have.

This means only a mere section of the map (In this 'assignment’s case the jungle area) will be different. The rest will be the same or blocked off (likely a combination of both). Because if they actually changed the map in any meaningful way, that means it would offer something new for contracts… new NPCs (potential targets) and paths, new areas… but nope. Just one single area will be different, the jungle area will have some tent shelters set up; probably some sort of archaeological dig or something.

It will just be a Patient Zero mission without the virus storyline.


I wanted to try and keep it as neat and tidy as possible as come June 25th this forum is going to be chaos :joy:

Sure we’ll see some time of day changes too?

Yes, they’ve said that, and the video showed instead of it being cloudy it will be very sunny… ooooOooo…

and very foggy. will be interesting to see what they do with it


Something like this…

Obviously the Bank is the main event, but I am looking forward to this too. I actually really like Santa Fortuna, and am happy to have any excuse to go back and play in it :slight_smile:


Kinda nitpicking, but I’m a little miffed that IOI’s changing the names of Hitman terms. “Opportunities” to “Mission Stories”. “Bonus Missions” to “Special Assignments”. I’m fine with the old titles. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?


bonus missions and special assignments are “different” apparently.


Special Assignments are different in a way we don’t yet know. Or IO is lying. Either one.

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I wonder if in the special assignments the other areas will be blocked off or at least have main targets off the map and important NPCs either off or just on a simple routine without things like Hectors letter, so that you can put it into the cannon?

Special Assignments are different to Bonus Missions in that they have less changed about them and no contracts mode :slight_smile:

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On how much has been changed, I share this suspicion, but I don’t think anything has been confirmed, has it?

Just that their official judgement is it’s not different enough to warrant contracts mode

Yeah. Then I’d say it’s likely but not known. The contracts thing could just be a way to avoid saying it doesn’t fit in their time/money budget.

I am hoping for the best.

Edit: More exactly IO have said the main missions contain “equal variety and opportunity for contract creation”, which technically is a bit different from saying they’re not different enough.

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Although that would make even less sense as an interpretation then… “We’ve made entirely new missions which have just as much variety and opportunity for contract creation as the base missions!.. so we’re not giving them contracts mode”


No contracts mode is a big negative tho, compared to the bank.

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