Special Assignment - Embrace of the Serpent - Discussion

The cool thing about the unlockables is they now look like morbid souveneirs from 47 touring the world…


I think they should have kept Opportunities, but go ahead and change the name to Special Assignments. Both of them sound related to the hitman job, while the other two names remind you that you’re playing a game. A decent compromise; keep one, change the other.


Yeah, seems fair.


This one is so far proving to be very challenging if one chooses to go Silent Assassin/Suit Only and avoiding knocking out anyone who can be hidden in a container. If anyone managed to beat it while adhering to these criteria, could you share what you did, or at least give some tips?

I was so looking forward to this but turns out the “special” assignments are just ETs with a different skybox. It doesn’t even have an unlock.


Honestly, I feel the same way. To me it’s just an ET that you can play as many times as you want.

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The writing was on the wall when they said ‘no contracts mode’ a month ago; some of us read that writing, others did not!

I gotta say even my prediction of them being the equivalent of a Patient Zero mission was optimistic tho :frowning:

I am not at all looking forward to the next Special Assignments, which is a shame because Miami, Whittleton and Hawke’s Bay all have huge potential as real ‘bonus missions’


I was retaining hope that they just meant “ohh the npcs dont have cycles they just stand around”. I didn’t think IO would be so stupid.

This one proves slightly more difficult I think for a SA/SO run. Haven’t managed to come up with a solution as of yet, lots of enforcers around the jungle area. Presumably as he mentions the Shaman you can grab that disguise and infiltrate that way, gonna give it another try tonight.

I replayed this level today and I’m still disappointed. It’s just a permanent elusive target on a different time of day to me, and I don’t think this feeling is ever gonna change. Also the name; Embrace of the Serpent. We had Three Headed Serpent, now we’ve got this. With such a kind of name, the possibility to go deeper into the Moreno Cartel was huge, but it was tossed into the bin.

What it should’ve been (imo)
It’s 22:00, the town is lit up by cozy lights and the salsa band is playing nice songs for the tourists. The shops are open late and everyone is enjoying a nice summer night. Meanwhile, a gang of three Moreno Cartel members have infiltraded the villiage undercover. They’re planning something to make Delgado lose his power. But someone related to Delgado’s (business parter/high profile drug customer) knew about it and hired ICA to kill these clowns and create a huge scandal around the Moreno’s, which causes them to lose power, making Delgado even more powerfull. (Embrace of the Serpent)

What we got
Weird poacher dude goes to Santa Fortuna to hunt a exotic snake hiding somewhere in the jungle. He brought himself a shit load of guards because why not, and a chef to make him stew in the Shaman’s pot. (Yo where taita at?). He has no connection to anyone in town, nor does he visit the town. Nothing interesting or different is going on at all apart from this weird wannabe boyscout walking around the woods looking for a snake. (Embrace of the Serpent)

Well, which one would’ve been more awesome…?


I actually liked that they had a poacher. It is a type of criminal IO has never gone with. Half the targets in the whole damn series are drug dealers and a large majority of them are South American to boot. So I am glad IO decided to do literally anything other than that cartel power play BS. Other than that this level sucks.


Oh wait no I forgot something. Blair’s reaction to 47’s blessing as the shaman. That made me chuckle. That is the most clever thing about this level.


Poacher is indeed a cool idea but it didn’t work out as good as it could have. He would be a good elusive target, but nothing more. The only place relevant for him to be is the jungle. The other 80% of the map stays untouched because of this.

I don’t understand, someone leaked some new disguises for Colombia and Mumbai, which meant proper bonus missions with disguise related mission stories. And now we have these joke missions.

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Oh I never said it worked out well either on any sort of level at all except for originality. This level is just a permanent ET. It was exactly what I thought it was going to be.

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Where are these leaks?

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Some could be beta disguises, some could be Resort disguises.


That too. They could be beta, disused or for an upcoming level.

i think this might be them

Oh yeah I think they are just disused disguises from opportunities that either never got off the ground for whatever reason.