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Discussion thread for the upcoming special assignment in Mumbai - Illusions of Grandeur

Target name: Basil Carnaby


All I hope is that the missions are fun and have fun and interesting to get to a good unlock with them

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I feel like this one will be more interesting than the serpent one.


Agreed, and I’m more excited for this one, as we haven’t really had a whole lot of content in Mumbai so looking forward to it.


It’s going to be sweet going into this for the first time with the Signature suit with gloves already gained, and then experiencing a new mission for the first time with my usual method for approaching new missions: attempting to get to the target and fiber wire him without taking any disguises, knocking anybody out, killing any cameras, or picking up any items other than keys and/or coins. Bring it on!


my one will go like this non target kill 100


Sounds like you like to go all guns blazing on the first run :joy:

An illusionist and a clown walk into a bar. The illusionist dies. 47 at it again


I’m trying to keep my expectations low for the special assignment and just going to go in expecting it to be like a repayable elusive target. Fingers crossed they make it more then that though and give us something interesting.


I’m hoping for something close to a Bonus Episode but I’m afraid it will be similar to Patient Zero’s Bangkok: One small, notably different area and then rest exactly the same as the main mission.


I feel the same. I was really hoping we’d get 4 bonus missions with the kind of quality The Icon, Landslide and A House Built on Sand gave. I have no problem with the maps being reduced in size to accomplish this, but then we know so little about these 2 bonus missions. Santa Fortuna and Miami seem like maps that can be carved into pices, with Miami you can cut out one half of the level by not being able to cross the race road, and Santa Fortuna seems like you could make the town, the mansion and the cocaine fields their own areas.

I can’t see how Mumbai could be carved like that however, the only thing I could see them do is what A House Built on Sand did, and have the tower and the train station boarded up. So I have the feeling Mumbai is going to be like that, part of the level changed, but the rest will be the same. I do have higher hopes for Santa Fortuna, maybe they’ll make it that you only have access to say, the town and the jungle area but not the cocaine fields and the tunnel system. You could do alot with that.


Do we know if there is any other targets in this mission, or is it just him??

i believe they said said just one target for both spec assigments

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Oh really? Ok I didn’t know that. Thank you!

I think 1 target each is fine. The thing I like about bonus missions is the idea that they are smaller scale missions, I think it does help balance out how these 2 Hitman games are focused on very large maps. Sometimes when I play Hitman, I’m in the mood to play a map which is short and sweet.

Now that I remember before the game is released there is a leak image of Mumbai that appears to be in the Indian Festival of Colours so maybe it is in this mission?

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Travis almost word for word said what I predicted the “Special Assignments” would be :sweat_smile:

Patient Zero missions confirmed

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Aw man they’re taking place during the same time of day? Part of the fun of the bonus levels were the new skyboxes lol.

theyre slightly different


Can someone clue me in, since I’ve not kept on top of all these “versions” - Can I play this with the Silver Edition of the game? The gold rim around the target in the picture there is making me think Gold Edition stuff.

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