Special Occasions - 10 New Featured Contracts (November)

Okay winners are in!

Where Patients Meet by @Urben

Space Conflict: The Contract by TheContractor

Bouncer by @Sniff

Omar Reincarnation by @Serious_Pony

Look at the Pretty Colours! by @KevinRudd

Fall Season Preview: 2020 by @JetBlackIris

Kowoon’s last shine by @IlikeHitman

Heavy Rain by @GlogolZ

47’s Day Off by @Franz

Hatman Returns by @CHAOS_AGENT_45


Movie-ing Target by @SASO

Well done to all those who made the cut!

Note: I made this thread earlier so people cpuld discuss their favourite contracts they’ve played/enjoy the look of. Please don’t promote your own contracts!

(Some interesting data about submissions from @Sniff, was all correct when he posted it)


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