Special Occasions - 11 New Featured Contracts (November)


Where Patients Meet by @Urben

Space Conflict: The Contract by @TheContractor

Bouncer by @Sniff

Omar Reincarnation by Serious_Pony (THAT’S ME!)

Look at the Pretty Colours! by @KevinRudd

Fall Season Preview: 2020 by @JetBlackIris

Kowoon’s last shine by @IlikeHitman

Heavy Rain by @GlogolZ

47’s Day Off by @Franz

Hatman Returns by @CHAOS_AGENT_45


Movie-ing Target by @SASO

Congratulations to the winners! Y’all deserve it!


You know a similar thread already exists…


That’s the submissions topic. This is the topic for the one’s that got picked and are ready to play in game for everybody.

Nah, that’s actually not the submissions topic; someone got in early and made it before release

This is awkward lel

But regardless, I’m so happy to be back from my 3 month Featured Hiatus! Clemens made the right choice :slight_smile:

Most of these contracts were the most liked submissions in the submission thread, but I think a lot of them were good choices too coincidentally


Here are the results.

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Ah. So it is. Well, I guess we can all make topics weeks in advance and edit once the FCs are hot and fresh. :roll_eyes:


Sorry, I was the one constantly checking up Hitman 2 (I get giddy when I have a real chance to get featured, sorry) and was able to quickly put these results on forum - which I couldn’t do in the topic that wasn’t created by me.

I guess that’s the curse of creating a thread in advance! When results came, it was buried and I didn’t find or see it. Sorry again!

Anyway, let people use the one they deem convenient! Congratulations again to everyone!

P.S. I’m still giddy


Some people smh

They never had makings of a varsity thread creators.

Aaah, the rush of getting featured never gets old. Thanks @Clemens_IOI.

Hope you guys enjoy my submission. Don’t give me shit when you don’t like it though, because I won’t be listening to you non-featured know-nothings.


Just kidding, all criticism and review is welcome. Hope you like 47’s day off. Looking forward to play the others and congrats to my fellow featureds.


Remember, if you want Clemens to feature your contract, literally kill him don’t do this


Congratulations to the chosen ones. I look forward to cursing your collective names in the coming days.

(Though a few massive non-target kill counts might be in order if I spend another day watching mind-numbing congressional testimony.)

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Congrats to the players who’ve seen their contract selected!

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Yeah mine is for results as well :sweat_smile: We can just use this one tho

I mean it was intended as a place to talk about the submissions without clogging up the actual submissions page. But it never really took off :man_shrugging:


@PEA is live on YouTube :slight_smile:
A bit too early for me, but definitely worth catching for those who can.

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Fall Season Preview: 2020 caused him to stop a stream for a quick shower to gather thoughts. I’m kind of afraid to do it myself. :sweat_smile:


Some of these contracts look like they’re gonna be a serious pain in the ass. A few of them look way too long and/or complicated. I thought IOI would have learned their lesson about that considering the reaction to the Isle of Sgail contracts from last time, but I guess not.

I really think that contract creators should have to submit evidence (e.g. - screenshot/video) that Silent Assassin is possible within a reasonable time (say, less than 10-minutes) and without too much tedious, hard-to-replicate bullshit involved. That way if you wanna subject people to torture, you gotta subject yourself to it first.

This is my sixth featured contract in HITMAN 2. I’m grateful for this game and, although HITMAN 3’s on the way, it will still go down as one of the bests.


But @Urben still has more than you.:slightly_smiling_face:

What I like more is thanks to Sniff I don’t have to keep track on how many I got featured yet. :yum: