Specific Playthrough Ideas

Sometimes, our playthrough ideas get stale and we need a fresh insight on how to complete each level in a new and interesting way. This thread is destined to help people who have these ideas and the ones who want to request new ideas.

Idea is to send a level name with the not-so-random (as opposed to the Hitman roulette) playthrough you want to do or did and would like to offer this challenge to the rest of HitmanForum.

Each week, best challenges will be pinned to the original post for everyone to see. If some of you will upload videos of the challenge completion, they will be pinned too.


Sapienza - World of Tomorrow - Kill Silvio and Francesca without ever entering the mansion grounds

Colorado - Freedom Fighters - Kill all targets with Nitroglycerin

Miami - Silver Tongue - Sniper Rifle induced accident, no loadout except for the rifle

Spotlight challenges:

  1. Too Much Water - Kill every target by pushing or dropping him/her into deep water.
  2. Falling objects only
  3. Chemically Linked:
  • Poison one target with consumed poison
  • The appearance of the PIP is your time frame to kill the other target by injecting poison
  • If you don’t start injecting the poison before the PIP ends, the mission failed
  1. This is My Rifle: you must kill Claus Strandberg and Reza Zaydan with an unsilenced sniper or assault rifle while wearing the city soldier disguise, and get SA. complication: sticky disguise.

And in return, I request new ideas for all Hitman levels you can think of. But, preferably, Hitman 2.


Requesting the creative members of the Forum to help kickstart the thread with their original ideas. And don’t be afraid if I pinged y’all, you’re the ones I remember well for whatever reason. :grinning:

@Urben @Euler13 @Soupienza @Niobium @Franz @Hardware @fkgfw @doom-generation @ForTheSeven @KevinRudd

Just post some fun ideas from your own experience

Might be a little played out by now but

Hokkaido - Start as Ninja with ninja gear only. Only shuriken, tanto, & okinawan tonfa. Then try to SA

Santa Fortuna - Machete kills only (it’s a unique weapon and non-conceable)

Nightfall - (I just call it the John wick) kill your way to the target and back, try to avoid overt stealth, but here’s the kicker, if you sustain any hits (shot or punched) you have to restart the level.


Striker/El Matador are quite interesting to implement in any runs, but Hokkaido in especially shines. There are so many killplanes, it’s quite fun to kill and hide bodies with a Striker shot.

Sapienza is the close second when it comes to pushing people with shots, especially legshots on the pier.

It’s also quite interesting to find opportunities for each story target to get pushed - I know perfect ways to do this with Novikov, Dalia (yes, even her), Silvio, Francesca, Ken Morgan, Parvati, Graves and Yamazaki from Season 1. Out of Season 2: both Robert and Sierra, all 3 targets in a Three-Headed Serpent, Rangan and Maelstrom, one of Washington twins.

Two for the price of one runs (Piercing Sniper/ICA Explosive Phone). Idea is to kill two targets with one action.

Season 1:

  1. Paris is easy and it’s even possible to do it SA.
  2. Sapienza is much harder, the only reliable chance to make Francesca and Silvio meet is to go in as Dr Lafayette.
  3. Morocco has another perfect setup to get targets together.
  4. Bangkok too
  5. Colorado has 2 different pairs of targets meeting each others, so you can do double “2 for 1”.
  6. Hokkaido is doable - even had a video somewhere where I blew Yuki and Soders with an Explosive Phone.

Bonus missions and Patient Zero:

  1. A House Built on Sand is quite SA-able this way
  2. The Source even has an achievement for doing this
  3. The Author is really enjoyable and SA-able this way

My Season 2 knowledge in this regard is not that great (I only did 2 for 1 in Mumbai really), so people who tried this kind of approach tell me about your experience in these levels.

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What I often do (when I am not busy with ETs or mastery) is to learn NPC routines and at the same time tinker about it to make contracts. I spent the majority in H2016 in contract creation mode just running around and observing.
I think this is also interesting for any other playstyle you do, knowing what every NPC does and when they at some point go somewhere else. You can also see that as roleplaying, where you learn of the environment before going after your targets.

I guess another thing I am believable at is trying to kill targets in the most complicated ways you can imagine. It turns the Social Stealth game into a Engineering Stealth game and is very rewarding when it works in the end.


In Club 27, kill Julian in the basement SA. :sunglasses:

I still have your contracts in favorites, need to try this basement radio. I’ll do him with Katana :wink:

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i have 2 ideas, if someone wants to try them

This is My Rifle: you must kill claus strandberg and reza zaydan with an unsilenced sniper or assault rifle while wearing the city soldier disguise, and get SA. complication: sticky disguise.

This Stuff is the Bomb: you must kill sean rose, penelope graves, maya parvati and ezra berg with non-accidental explosions and achieve the SA rating.


Too Much Water: Kill every target by pushing or dropping him/her into deep water.

Doable on almost all maps except the ICA Facility, The Icon Bonus mission, Marrakesh and New York. Of course, for some targets you either have to find a way to lure them to the water or drag them across the map. I’m also not sure if you can actually drag Soders around, so you may only be able to kill Yuki that way in Situs Inversus.

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Love these, exactly what I was looking for! Will go test This Is My Rifle now :cowboy_hat_face:

Water-based run is awesome! And in missions where water is missing, one can go for the drowning kills - Bosco and Strandberg can be drowned quite easily. Zaydan is a problem but one can assume that toilet falling on his head is water-related :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Routing falling objects only runs can be fun aswell

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I’m also doing a personal list of such challenges, so I need a few more categories for this piece of paper. Right now, ideas were really good! Individual level challenges are on the other paper.

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I posted some level specific ideas in another thread. Quoting them:


I must say, Chemically Linked is one of the best ideas I’ve read in quite a while. Other runs are good as well. Into the list they go!

Okay, just got the idea for a series of runs. Inspired by Pulp Fiction.

Vincent Vega Special:

Kill targets in toilets with silenced DAK X2 Covert

Off to a great start

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It does get trickier in season 2. Miami is simple to do—when the targets meet at the podium or pushing Robert into sierras car. Santa Fortuna there is just one time the targets will meet—one of the reasons I dislike the map. Mumbai has three separate scripted target meetings which is awesome. Whittleton is tricky you have to destroy all cameras. Sgail is not possible as far as I know. New York would be possible assuming Perez and Mann were targets. And Haven has a few ways as well.

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I really want to revive that thread but I think it’s most likely dead now.
@Serious_Pony I had a pretty interesting one as well
Eliminate Sierra with poisoned vitamins in your suit
Eliminate Robert Knox by shooting or KO him into the ocean in your suit
Complications: Your one KO is Roberts bodyguard if you choose to
You can’t change your disguise

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Done! Infiltrated the school with the help of the director’s key. Lured Reza into the toilet, knocked him out and dragged his body to the window, shot him with AK-47 and immediately threw him out of the window. Climbed out of the window, jumped down and hid his body behind the boxes. Exfiltrated.

Strandberg was much simpler so I decided to off him in style. I went through the embassy front door, got to the second floor, knocked out 2 guards in the room with the safe and wine, stashed their bodies. Ran out of the embassy, climbed the roof and shot Strandberg with an unsilenced Jager Lancer.

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