[Speculation] How will the Tactical Wetsuit be unlocked?


I’m just curious what your expectations are on how the Nightcall suit (Or a variant of it) will be unlocked, which IO says will happen in the future. Cast your vote, and everyone who ends up being correct gets bragging rights and street cred :slight_smile:

So, how will IO make the wetsuit unlockable?

  • A(nother) Hawke’s Bay ET
  • A permanent “reskin bonus mission” (Potentially in expansion)
  • A time-limited ‘bonus mission’ (In style of Hokkaido Snow Festival)
  • A Challenge Pack
  • An escalation
  • Other (Comment below)
  • Several of these options are fairly likely

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I feel that it’s going to be another time-limited bonus mission, considering all extra outfits you get from challenges were during those missions. Ofcourse I much prefer having a permanent challenge pack.



It’ll be the signature suit, but wet.

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I’m guessing challenge pack, but if it is a mission I hope it is permanent if only for Hawke’s Bay contracts mode.



You know, since we got a year roadmap with blank outfit spot, maybe this wetsuit will take this place.
How? Perhaps as unlock for Mumbai Ghost Mode, or one of bonus missions unlock, or additional locations mastery



I don’t understand why they need to make it so complicated!

I’ll be good enough if we just unlock it through a Hawke’s Bay E.T!

All they have to do is to add it to the sheet aaaaand…done!



What’s the hype on the wet suit , he just looks like a bald max steel…



I don’t like the wetsuit much, either. That said, I imagine it’ll be another et.

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I assume we’re getting only one HB ET, so rather than invite the outrage of a one chance unlockable IO decided to implement it a different way.



Yeah I was gonna say another ET but then I saw the other and went with the “several” option, I think it either is gonna be another ET, difficult time-limited challenge pack, or escalation, (the escalation would probably be part of the Hitman 2 Game of the Year edition, if it comes out this year) I did see a guy in Miami with the tactical wetsuit.



Surely, you mean a bald Sam Fisher.

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It reminds me Sam Fisher’s wetsuit in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory



It does look similar to Mr fisher I will admit , but I just feel that 47 is not cut out for the amphibious assault look… fisher wore it better without a doubt :joy:



First item for sale in the new HITMAN In-Game Skins and Weapons Store? :stuck_out_tongue:



I suspect it will be some mission - possibly an ET - where wearing the wetsuit is actively encouraged somehow. Perhaps the target is a deep-sea diver, and he and his entourage all wear them. Perhaps somebody is going to get in one of those aquariums in Miami or Colombia.

In essence, I think we will get something where diving is prominent. Even if 47 can’t dive, others will be. I can see the interaction: ‘Sabotage oxygen tank (missing screwdriver)’ already… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



The Tactical Wetsuit is overrated :smile:



I’m cool with just about any method other than another Hawke’s Bay ET. Imagine if you had successfully completed The Politician but then failed a new HB ET and missed the suit unlock: you’d feel a bit cheated in that scenario, so I hope the suit isn’t delivered like that.



I was actually thinking they could unlock it retroactively for those who finished The Politician. It’s certainly possible from what we’re seeing with The Prince.

I guess it could be a cool suit to wear at The Resort, other than that I don’t see much use for it outside of Hawke’s Bay.

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It would be very funny to wear in Paris or Sgail, though…

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i don’t get why ppl are suggesting an ET, i thought they said it wouldn’t be thru an ET.

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