Speedrun general rules?


Hello to everybody!
My goal is to make a speedrun of the 2016 Hitman with accidents only and in NG, not NG+.

I was wondering if there are already existing rules such as : what counts as an accident, do we skip the tutorial, do we have to do a SA and Suit only run…?
Besides I would like to know what are the basic speedrun rules for this game such as where to start and end timer!

Thank you!


The term speedrun refers to completing the contract with a silent assassin rating in a time that is typically way below the average SA completion time. There aren’t any rules that relate to starting location, method of kill, and loadout. However, you can impose your own rules. For example, you might choose to do a SO/AO/!KO speedrun, which means you never change out of your suit (SO = suit only), you only kill targets with accidents (AO = accidents only), and you never subdue any NPCs (!KO = no-knockouts).

So it looks like you are planning to do a series of speedruns where the only (self-imposed) restriction is AO.

However, what do you do for the virus in Sapienza or Soders in Hokkaido? I don’t know what others think - and I don’t think there is a definite rule on this - but I would view the limitations of approaches by contract conditions. That is, you cannot mark either the virus or Soders as a target and regardless of how you “kill” them you will never lose your SA rating (as long as you’re not spotted). You could go to the extreme of detonating, say, a fire-extinguisher next to the body of Soders, but it will never register as accident anyway, so I think that those two targets would be a reasonable exception in your accident only campaign.

Let’s see what other players think.


FE accident for soders and rockcicle drop for the virus (as that is considered an accident).


Thanks for the answers!
I guess I’ll have to do the route and decide for each target how I take him/her/it out, given the possibilities of each level.
I will create another topic if I have some things to share with the players!


Number one rule: Go crazy and try everything. Sometimes the best speedruns are the most ridiculous ones.


That is a good advice!
I will start routing this afternoon and I will skip the first tutorial, I’ll officially start at the second tutorial on the boat where you are free to use whatever method.
If you know any existing routes in AO for NG and not NG+ feel free to tell me!


What’s the difference again between NG and NG+


Wild guess: NG = starting locations, NG+= starting locations + unlocks.


Oke. I guess. Not sure. But okay


I think NG is def. starting location + no unlocks.


Since some games do this, my guess would be:

NG = normal mode
NG+ = pro mode


Okay. I don’t think Hitman runs need this kind of terminalogy tho


For me, NG is basically all the standard items and locations that you have when you start the game for the first time. You don’t have access to the different starting locations and you begin in your suit.


Make it simple. Don’t get stuck on abbreviations and just name your speedrun title/descriptions accordingly. Your run, your rules.


what sk1y said. Just create your own rules. There’s no competition in these categories. People do it for fun.


That seems like a good idea yeah, I can run the game the way I want! I’ll go for that then.


Number one rule: be fast


Quick update :

I have the route for the freedom training and the final test. My first times are 2mn05 and 4mn15. The routing is only begining to take form but my goal for now is to find a route with accidents only on every level, make a complete run and THEN try to improve the route. If I want to find the perfect route before having a complete run I will never make it.
I’ll keep you updated, I’m starting Paris now!


The time for Freeform seems good, however, I think you should try to knock off a few seconds on Final Test and possibly get a sub 3min strat. Let me know if you need some tips about the AI :slight_smile:


Thank you! I think I could save some time by skipping a disguise and getting faster in the aircraft zone but I’ll have to do some research on that. I’ll let yoy know if I have some questions, thanks!