Speedrun general rules?


just listen to frote and you are in the right way.


Hello everyone!
Update : the Paris and Sapienzza levels are done. Paris is 3mn31 and Sappienzza is 11mn17. I am going to record a video of all 4 levels tomorrow morning, but it will mostly be for training purposes. However, would you be interested in seeing it?


What starting location are you using on sapienza?


I am not using any of the unlockable starting locations so this is the one that you have when you first play the game.
The huge time is mostly because the targets are far from each other and also because I have to wait a lot for DeSantis.
There is room for improvement, I will try a new route today and see how much time I can save. I’d say that two minutes could be spared.


Ok, I could teach you some tricks to save time in sapienza


With pleasure! My main difficulties are with DeSantis because in the route I sometime trigger the guards and sometimes not and I haven’t figured out yet what triggers them.

I’ll begin Marakech today anyway!


rule no. 1: Always bring crystal ball


Even from the def. start 11min is a lot for AO Sapi. Keep trying until you get sub 5.


What kill are you using on her?


Yeah I agree, this is really too much. As I said this is not the final route, for the moment I just want to have a full run and then improve it.
I kill her by knocking her out in her office and then throwing her out of the window.


That kill can be done in less than 3 minutes, how are you killing Caruso?


I make the the big solar system fall on his head in his lab.


You can make Silvio to come to the lap sooner by triggering the telescope


Yup this is what I’m doing! I kill him in 2mn45 I think, he’s the first one on my route and the next is Francesca, then the virus.


I’ve just done Sapienza once again now and I think that two things could be improved. First, I could maybe kill Francesca first then Silvio, and I could find a better way than what I am doing now, since my plan is to wait in her bathroom, flood her sink to make her enter the room then knock her out, knock her bodyguard out and throw her out the window. This takes really a lot of time and maybe I could just blow her up with a propane tank. Besides, I have to wait like 1mn and 15 seconds for her to enter her office and I don’t know how to make her get there faster.
Second, I think I could take care of the virus in another way since my plan now is to dress as a scientist, enter the lab in Hazmat suit and screw the virus (it’s the only accident I can think of). However I like this plan because it’s entertaining and it looks like an accident. But since the virus is an objective and not a target the game doesn’t have any “real” accidental destruction so I might just shoot it from the cliff. What do you think?


Just shoot the virus, and, for francesca, if you just wait, in her office there’s a point where she is checking the desk and her bodyguard turns around, you can knock her out and throw her out the window when he does


That’s pretty much what I said in my reply to your first post. Nothing you do will register the virus (and Soders) kill as accidents. If you’re wanting to play for a self-imposed realism, then you could argue that Soders is a real person, so an accident explosive kill next to his body might be more fitting, but personally I don’t think the rules should apply to those two particular kills.

Having said that, if you want an “accident kill” on the virus, then you could go for causing the stalactite to drop from above. You could consider it an accident by falling object.

You’ve probably seen another strategies now from other players that this won’t be a spoiler, so feel free to check out how I did it in the video below; I used it on the second playthrough. If you don’t want to see anything else, then skip to 6.35, where I enter the Ether labs. If you do watch the whole video, then you’ll also see how I killed Francesca in two different accidents; I complete the mission twice using two different play-styles: Shabby 47 vs Smooth 47.


Thank you very much, I will check the videos!
For the moment I’ve moved on to Marakech but I will definitely improve the Sapienza route. The stalactite sounds like a very good idea and it really “seems” accidental in a realistic way of thinking. I’ll check how you killed Francesca too, if you don’t mind me borrowing your route!


Thanks, I will check that!


Daily update : after two days of routing I have a 4mn59 time for Marakech! I will record it this afternoon. The route is pretty safe and there is not a lot of time loss but it can certainly be improved.