Splinter Cell... VR?

Hello all I did not see a topic for this, so if there is please forgive me. I am (as I assume a lot of us are) a big fan of stealth games. So I was very pleased to hear another entry into the Splinter Cell franchise after a long drought, but the fact that it is exclusive to the Ocular Rift? Kinda makes me want to die inside. Thoughts? https://www.google.com/amp/s/techcrunch.com/2020/09/16/ubisoft-teases-assassins-creed-and-splinter-cell-vr-titles-for-oculus/amp/

im interested to hear how it will work, but VR is not ideal :’)

Is it really exclusive to Oculus? Quite ironic, being a stealth agent ingame and a Facebook user outgame.

I mean VR does sound interesting but the fact that it is only VR and exclusive? Yeaah kinda kills the vibe for me.

now the interactive torture scenes will be TRULY interactive

It’s a suitable platform to develop new tech and push mechanics to their limits, but I’m hoping this ends up a ‘soft launch’ in preparation for a multi-platform release. There’s just too much money in the franchise to keep it a VR exclusive.

That said, they need to get Ironside back for good this time.

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I could not agree more, I know its such a nitpicky thing but I loved Ironside as Fisher. The new guy didnt do a bad job he just felt more generic than Ironside’s gruff gallows humor portrayal.

Also I remember reading an article that at a early showing that showcased alpha footage of blacklist apparently there was a scene where you stabbed a knife in a man’s clavicle? I believe forgive me its been awhile and you could twist the knife to garner info and it recieved such a negative response they took such interrogations out of the final product.
Edit: So yeah nowhere near as bad as GTA V or The Punisher lmao.

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