Spoiler etiquette during Early Access period


As you know, HITMAN 2 will be released on Tuesday 13th November. The wait is almost over! However, there’s also an early access period which begins on Friday 9th November for people who have pre-ordered the Gold Edition of the game. Given the fact that the game will not be “officially” released until the 13th, I think it is important that we come to an informal, agreed upon consensus about how to best discuss the game in detail in the intervening period in a way that respects the enthusiasm for discussion whilst allowing non-early access players to remain unspoiled.

Most of this will be common sense to people who frequent these sorts of communities around launch, but here’s my suggestions to make this less awkward than it would otherwise be.


When making a new topic, please avoid titles that contain plot spoilers, character/target names, opportunity/achievement titles that might give away some of the various assassination methods, etc. If you are making a thread that will contain unmarked spoilers, please label it clearly.


If a thread title does not indicate that it will contain unmarked spoilers, please use spoiler tags if you can remember - Especially for images, videos with spoilery titles or anything else like that.

These are not rules, and I am not a moderator. This will not be enforced. The only fool-proof way to remain unspoiled is to stop checking the forum, but I think this is a decent community and we can look out for each other.



You should probably tag the admins about this. I do know that @Watson has said that story spoilers are to be discouraged until the game launches. Early access players will probably create topics about the game in-depth, but that is fine aslong as they have the courtesy to avoid putting in major spoilers.


I got a copy from shady French guy so I have been a head of the curb. But I think it was a novel idea to reveal 47 was a T-1000 I never expected that. And then when it turns it a JRPG battle with the shadow client I was like wow and then when the Constant takes of his mask and reveals he is Nanomachine Foxdie Snake I was like.:exploding_head:


I have a question… maybe a dumb question, but how can I use Spoiler tags?


When writing a comment highlight a phrase or word and then click on the gear then the magic wand with blur spoiler next to it


You use [ spoiler ] Agent 47 is revealed to be a ghost [ /spoiler ] without the spaces between the brackets.


When we were in the IO building the other day, there was a Gold Copy of the game on someone’s desk. THE TEMPTATION WAS REAL YOU HAVE NO IDEA

Like this:

[spoiler] text here [/spoiler ]

But remove the space before the closing parentheses.


thats why i’m outta here from tomorrow for the next couple of days!


or at least i’ll try lol



Edit: thanks everyone. I got it!


Testing spoiler tags thing as I’m new to this

This text will be blurred


Nice stolen gif I stole earlier as well.

I’ll just keep out of new threads.


This is tricky on a phone.


Some spoilers will come out, but as long as people stick to the dedicated threads it shouldn’t be a problem. Major spoilers should be avoided, including story-related ones.

As Quinn says, I think common sense prevails here, given the best way to avoid spoilers is to not enter threads which have a high chance of having them. But it’s generally a sensible practice to avoid such discussions until the game is “officially” out.


I have a feeling spoilers will be inevitable within the intervening period. Particularly from new players who have pre-ordered the Gold Edition and are not accustomed to the forum guidelines and expectations. That is why I won’t be returning to the forum until I have finished my first complete play-through. It’s the only way of ensuring spoilers won’t ruin my first experience of the game. Hope you all have fun with it :slight_smile: See you on the other side!


I was just getting use to not having to put up spoiler tags.:sob:


Spoiler: Just got a sub 1 min run on Hawkes Bay


Can’t this thread be pinned to the top of the page @Jarbinger? A lot of people seem to forget the spoiler tags lately. Ruins the whole surprise.



Surely it’s all about the title of the thread? For example, in a thread with a title like, “Nightcall - First Impressions”, then if you’ve not yet played the level there is simply no reason to read that topic. If you have played the level, then you should be able to talk freely about it without using spoiler tags and worrying about ruining it for others who have not yet played it.

However, at the other extreme, it would not be reasonable for someone in a “first impressions” thread to talk about specific details of completing a challenge or discussing the conclusion of the chapter story. After all, it’s first impressions, not a detailed analysis, and using spoilers or otherwise it would have no place in that particular thread. Another thread should be designated for that.

I’m still confounded that in the massive thread: Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)) that spoilers were used for discussing what had been announced. It’s in the title! If it’s appeared in an official video or news article, then it belongs in that thread and others who want to go in to the game completely blind should avoid that thread. If it’s not been officially announced then no amount of spoilers makes it right to put it in that thread. Am I missing something here?


Not to worry.

This is me just practicing those spoiler tags. Massive hype!