Spoiler etiquette during Early Access period


Never used the spoiler tag before, i’m here to try it out :smiley:

Shadow Client is into butt stuff


I’m going to do the usual and leave the forum probably tomorrow and will only pop back on once I’ve finished the campaign.


Guys, IOI answered plenty of questions in this latest AMA thread so do check it out.

But here’s a bulletined list of some of the few interesting answers given by IOI in the thread.

  • If you had fears surrounding the NZ mission, sadly it sounds like they might come true as IOI revealed that the NZ mission is the “smallest of the bunch” which means its going to be the map with the least gameplay content. Sounds like a pseudo tutorial mission.

  • Despite rumors, the bonus missions and Patient Zero mission will NOT have any new starting locations in the legacy pack.

  • The DLCs will include brand new locations as well as revamps of existing maps, much like Season 1.

  • ICA training facility missions from Season 1 will return but is “upgraded”.

  • If you are on console, it sounds like you need to launch HITMAN 2016 and then access the legacy pack from there. For PC players, STEAM will detect what you have and grant you access.

  • The legacy missions sounds like its going to be seamlessly integrated to HITMAN 2. So, you will have a long list of 12 missions instead of them being divided into separate tabs/categories. There’s also a minor feature which allows you to continue to the next mission after you have finished a level.


Really the only disappointing thing for me. Would have like some other starting locations for levels like Landslide or Patient Zero.


Not sure of the demand surrounding starting locations in the bonus mission. I mean the maps for these missions are fairly small anyways as well as the complexity of the objectives.


True enough I was thinking about that while going over the PZ missions. They are small and are less complex.


Starting locations imo finds the most use in Contracts mode or if you’re chasing for a high score on the leaderboards but for the most part I try to ignore them as much as I possibly can because they kinda feel a bit like cheating…


Well I don’t think of them as cheating besides sometimes after replaying a level for a while all I want to do is just start the closest to the target. Get right into the killing and cut out walking.


To clarify, I heard the boat/airfield segments from 2016 are returning as a general purpose tutorial and NZ is just introducing the new game mechanics. They also made it sound like it will be only a tiny bit smaller than the Vermont level, which itself is about the same as the other in game maps. Still, IO can pack in a lot into a smaller level.


Will you replay all the Season 1 levels in HITMAN 2 in chronological order before jumping into the Season 2 levels? Thats kind of what I plan to do…


Actually in the AMA IO said Vermont is just smaller than Miami and the size diference is about 50 megabytes that is not accounting for NPCs, the race cars and other things. It is also 5 times the file size of Hawke’s Bay


Going to reach Morocco then switch to the new season. That might change though.


Well saying that doesn’t account for NPCs invalidates my theory of the size being from the NPC routines and lines.


Well I am no programmer so I am theorising here. But given the size of your real life East Coast suburb I am assuming Vermont is larger or at least more lively and opportunity filled than NZ


Yes, Vermont isn’t much smaller than the other main missions in HITMAN 2 but IOI said themselves that the NZ one is the “smallest of the bunch”. Also, it just has 5 mastery levels.

Its definitely not a “tiny” bit smaller.


Everytime I hear any info related to Hawke’s Bay, I get progressively less and less excited. Now, I am beginning to wonder if its even going to be as big as the Final Test level because it really sounds like Hawke’s Bay got hit with the rushed end of the development stick.


i mean, it will definitely be bigger than Final Test


Well it is not exactly 5 times evenly I rounded down both figures. I think NZ is a playground for newbies to dick around in, make their first few contracts and experiment with escalations. I think NZ will get the most reuse in the bonus expansion missions since it is a house.

I am excited to get a smaller mission with a dark story backdrop. I mean Beldingford Manor never had challenges or mastery and it had only like two unique kills (the petrol bomb and smothering) so it is at least better than that.


To be frank, most of the missions in the older titles never had more than 3-4 unique kills/ways to completing them. Play a mission thrice in the older titles and there isn’t much reason to ever go back…unless if you want to goof around.


Truth be told I find that there is even less in the old games. I would peg 2-3 average unique kills per target assuming we are using just Contracts or Blood Money with a two target max. Absolution had more but they aren’t as developed as they are in H1 & H2.