Spoiler etiquette during Early Access period


It will be the opposite of that. Most likey, there won’t be even a single one of them. There is just one area - the house and that’s the problem. Sapienza got so many because they focuse on the barely used parts of town. Morocco also got one because they have hardly used the market area. And that’s it.


NZ has the beach and the beach house. So they can reuse one or the other.


Wow, beach is such an interesting place to dedicate a whole mission to. Are you kidding?


Oh yea like a beachparty :raised_hands::cocktail:


Oh a market place is either? How about how one tiny coastal Italian town was subject to three no four separate hits. I believe that house can have more re use than Sapienza

This guy gets it.


That is true and tbh when I mentioned 3-4, I was still being quite generous with those numbers and yes, I do recall Absolution having a bit more variety in terms of unique assassinations. Sadly, since the rest of the gameplay systems were so far off from the traditional Hitman style of play and the sheer lack of flexibility in the mechanics conflated with the linear level design meant you mostly had to rely on strict methods of completion which made replayability very unattractive.


Yep one of the reasons we all hate that game. If that is not your least favourite in the series then you are most likely Tore Blystad


Well, it’s not just that. There is a café and quite a few of the carpet stores.

That’s just wrong. Main mission utilised the mansion and the lab. The Icon used the space in front of the mansion, the town hall and some other parts of the town. Landslide utilised the coastal line, the church, the rest of the town with apartments and shops also involved. That’s how.


Haha believe it or not I still enjoyed Absolution more than a lot of traditional Hitman fans! As long as you see it as a spin off to the main franchise instead of being Hitman Blood Money 2.0, its an enjoyable romp but then again I was just a kid when I played it back in 2013…

Looking at it now and especially after 2016, yeah…its really hard to go back to that game. I just saw TheKotti lets play of the game and the story is damn…a lot worse than I remember it to be.


Well when New Zealand is reused it will likely utilise the beach more than the main level. Not to mention decor changes in side the house, that panic room would go if I bought it after Nightcall.

What about the narrative reasons though I find it unlikely a person as cultured and self-absorbed as Bosco has head of Sapienza and don’t get me started on The Author. Also only The Icon utilised its space well without opportunities.

I knew I should have not said New Zealand or let this discussion occur. It is like I summoned the Bloody Mary.


It would have to reutilise that jusy because there’s nothing else. And that’s a problem because, as I’ve already mentioned, Bonus missions don’t use the areas that were the focus of main missions.

What about the narrative reasons for Bonus missions at all? What about narrative reasons for PZ? What about narrative reasons for escalations? And so on. This is not the point and even if it was why would 2 hits occuring in the same(in NZ it would literally be the same) place bother you more than 3 or 4?


It sounds like Hawke’s Bay will be about as big as an average mission from Blood Money or Contracts.


Can we discuss if the Blackballer is the true Blackballer or is that a spoiler?

@badeaguard :joy:


Well they some people wanted levels like Contracts or Blood Money and they are getting them. Wish on a monkey’s paw don’t be surprised if it chokes you.


I have never seen anyone saying “I want a small level like old games instead of a huge one cause 6 missions is too much for me”


Good point. The older titles always had a minimum of 12 sandbox levels so it was easy to forgive if 3-4 of them were small/bad.

The issue here is that we just have 6 levels and thus there really shouldn’t be ANY room for compromises and assuming the game follows a similar pricing model to 2016 I.e $10/episode, its really going to rub people the wrong way.

Lack of quality consistency in a 6 level Hitman game definitely has me worried. Not gonna lie…


Please avoid any Challenges and Help guide threads as I will be posting spoilers in there shortly. These will be marked with a “[SPOILERS]” in the title as a heads up.

Would be common sense but you know and stuff.


Man, I love this gif so much.


I can’t wait anymore, I gotta wait till 10am Friday at gamestop.

My order fully paid 150 collector’s edition.


I’m kinda irked that there are a few spoilers are popping up in the H2 announcement thread. I get that they aren’t story spoilers, but some of it is special content/gear we haven’t heard of yet.
Can we please just keep that content in the specified full release threads?

Yes, I get that I’m not helping due to the fact that I looked behind the dropboxes and spoiler tags, but that’s because I assumed they’d lead to nothing concrete, that they’d be a joke. I just want to keep spoilers away from non-spoiler areas.