Spoiler free Colorado reviews


I’m not playing Colorado until tomorrow night when my best mate wingman can join me as a spotter/planner for the first playthrough, but as there was a similar topic for Bangkok I was wondering if anyone who has played Freedom Fighters fancied giving their thoughts without spoilers. (At least as much as possible, certainly avoiding spoilers on specifics rather than general mood/feel etc)

Anyone able to share?


It kicks ass. Tonally, it’s more “serious” than the others. It still has its share of bizarre conversations, but there seems to be a lot less quips from the NPCs - No “Hey there, bodyguard!!” for example. The soundtrack is similar to what we hear in the cutscenes, a dark electronic pulse accompanies our adventure as opposed to a Bond esque, string driven theme.

It’s a deep infiltration level with a lot of setpiece kills - Targets are training, planning for upcoming missions etc, and you can use this against them. It’s really fun.

EDIT - Also, the story takes an interesting twist and starts to build momentum. I’m drawn into the story for the first time properly with this episode.


Awesome, exactly what I was hoping to hear!


My first impression is it feels very set-piece/opportunity focused. It also feels a lot like Absolution. I might enjoy playing it some day if the AI problems are ever fixed.


i really didnt like this map. its really small are where you be active. worst all of them.


Having played it for a few hours and reached Mastery 20, I score Colorado 7/10.

Maybe I missed them, but I don’t recall seing any unique NPCs.


I believe that HITMAN [this one] is ahead of the rest of the series in one major thing. Every episode/mission just feel somewhat unique I’d say. Paris is a great “maze”, Sapienza offered one-of-a-kind sandbox location, Marrakesh tried to put everything in a really public place, summer bonus missions were smaller but more digestible and Bangkok offered a hotel in a lovely exotic location.

Colorado? Well, Colorado offered something that new Hitman didn’t explored yet - full on enemy territory. You’re trespassing since the first moment you start the mission and it feels much more agent-like. It’s basically like the entire Absolution was. However - there’s one very major thing that makes this mission much more better than anything in Absolution. Apart from obvious location size (which isn’t the biggest one ever, might very well be the smallest “big” level yet in this game), it just feels fitting. You just feel that "hey, it’s private military camp, of course I have no bussiness here). Which was really missing in Absolution, where you were wanted in… I don’t know, a fucking train station (I know it made sense story-wise, but you get the point).

Overall, the map’s definitely smaller and less packed than others. It actually feels on par with summer bonus imho. Story-wise, it’s definitely the strongest episode. Gameplay wise, it offers new playground, which is always good. But I think that for me, this might be somewhere low in ase of rating. If not in the lowest place. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just, for me, not as strong as other episodes. Still better than Absolution, for sure. FOR SURE.

I hope Japan will be a blast to play. Something like Sapienza was.

1 - Sapienza
2 - Paris
3 - Marrakesh
4 - Summer Bonus
5/6 - Bangkok
5/6 - Colorado


Solid entry. I’ve only played it once, so I can’t speak to how well it will hold up over time, but it was pretty good.
Good stuff- the music suite fit well and is one of the better ones, the opportunities are pretty solid, and the “behind enemy lines” feel is a striking departure in a very good way. Wouldn’t want every level to be like this, the change up is cool.
More conflicted stuff- I’m not a big fan of the disguise setup. One of the things that makes Paris my favorite level was how incredibly clear, logical, and stratified different sectors were. Other than bodyguard, there isnt an easily accessible god tier disguise that gets you in anywhere. Here, I feel like you’re totally screwed until you grab an outfit, but once you do, boom, you’re invincible.


I’ve only been able to play it for a few hours (thanks, Xbox and SquareEnix!) but it’s a good one. Lots of story snippets, some pretty fun kill opportunities, a much different vibe than Bangkok. A little more stealthy enemy commando than impeccably suited international assassin, but it’s a nice contrast Much better voice acting, too. I’ve really enjoyed it so far.


I’ve spent all day getting the masteries done on the other maps now that I’m on my PC. I spent a couple hours messing around with Colorado, but haven’t “exited” the map yet.

It’s basically a really interesting Halloween episode that pays homage to American horror films. It’s like a jumbo-sized, narrative-relevant seasonal bonus episode with some very cool espionage/thriller stuff going on.

Really quickly though… Sean Rose and his OCD. At first, it felt a bit cheap. A bit exploitative. I haven’t seen all of his OCD specific mannerisms or dialogue yet, but when he did his “one, two, three” before entering/exiting buildings, it shook me. My chest tightened up for the next ten minutes because it was so personal and I do something similar. It’s a heightened portrayal, and the hand-washing stereotype is a super reductive example of OCD, which masks how serious the issue is by making it look like a simple hygiene obsession, but overall it got to me.

To be a bit critical, even though I’m really liking what I’m seeing, it feels limited, like what a level from Absolution should have felt like. It’s both a good and bad thing. Second, the bullet wound decals are still broken and it’s becoming extremely annoying. The game is gorgeous and the NPCs are really expressive and detailed. I’d like to see proper red bullet holes form on the bodies of the NPCs… Jesus… Thirdly, we enter the glass house part of my complaints. Torben always says it’s not about logic, it’s about systems. It doesn’t have to be realistic, because it’s a game… Okay, so, let me use any suit anywhere I want, damnit. This is a stage where I can’t exactly use the cool outfit unless I want to snipe or stage an assault. That’s a serious waste of a cool outfit.

Anyway, so far for me, it’d go Paris, Italy, Colorado, Thailand, Morocco.

Update : The COURAGE poster is hilarious. And I thought the Kane and Lynch easter egg was funny.



There is a ‘point man’, who just looks like most of the other spec ops guards but slightly different, there’s a scarecrow outfit, there’s a cook… and I think that’s about it?


Its way better than Agc or c27. When you walking around you really don’t feel safe. Everyone has a weapon, even the chefs. It really feels like you’re around terrorists. Infiltrarion is not that hard, you just need the right disguise. Targets are crazy and that is a really good thing. I give this mission a 8/10. :slight_smile:


So much better than Gilded Cage and Club 27. Love the level design,story,Some unique kills and awesome ending. Also there will be new music in Colorado😀


Also, as predicted, despite everyone else being armed and dangerous, the four targets are about as threatening as a wet towel.

I do not like how they trigger a psychic alarm the moment they see something they don’t like or get injured non-fatally. It was the same with Strandburg in the Embassy and it feels cheap.


I noticed that. So fucking annoying :weary:


Really loved it, first when i saw the map I thought like, shit how will i learn this, but after one playthrough i know it by heart. Love new guard models love new targets (they are still pussies :frowning: ) specially i love Peneope Graves, she is so cute and beautiful, new assassinations are so dope, like when you kill Rose by exploding his watch it shows you how he checks his mail with the phone camera, like it was in BM. New suit is so SO SOOOOOO DOPE it’s best of all. New unlocks are great and useful. and last but not least is story, there was big step after previous episodes.


So they say it has 6 opportunitieis and… 4 targets? This can’t be good.


The map looks very nice, and the outdoor areas is big and fun. The house could have been a little bit bigger, like the house in Blood Money, Till Death Do Us Part, because the level overall feels a bit small, but i guess this cabin is very realistic in it’s size. Unfortunately the targets are boring and not scary at all, in my personal opinion, which seems to be a thing in this game, you just want to give Penolepe a kiss instead. Some new voice acting that is very nice. Roccos sister ain’t present I believe, which is a very VERY good thing, but the bodyguard Kurt’s voice is still present :confused: . But it’s a fun map, very refreshing and different.


Man, I really love Colorado. It has some kind of “Sapienza magic” tied to it, more than Marrakesh or Bangkok. It feels like a mix-up of Streets of Hope and the cornfield area, both are among my Top 5 in Absolution. I feel more “free” than in Bangkok thanks to the size and limited number of Enforcers. The old farm house has a great atmosphere, and the terrorism background is well integrated. I have not expected that after the first artwork.


if the level has really only one exit, its pretty much ruined…come on! you must be able to do the thing in the basement at any given time, then take care of the targets. amazing place, but with this limitation, becomes absolution or worst. “throws sandbox out of the windows”