Spoiler free Colorado reviews


I don’t care about blood pools, actually. I’m talking about wall hacks (getting them constantly in Colorado) and especially insanely inconsistent responses to distractions. The funniest was yesterday, when I shot a generator on a rooftop next to two guards. Neither guard noticed anything, but a guard on ground level about 30 feet away came up to investigate. Also, today I realized the front door guards at the house psychically know when Penelope has been killed there and walk straight to wherever her body is. Then, of course, there’s the classic every-guard-knows-your-location-when-you-enter-combat behavior. Also had a funny one today when Penelope walked through a door (without opening it first) every time I loaded a save.


Thanks for the reviews, ladies and gents. Finally did my first playthrough tonight and really enjoyed it - very welcome change of pace from what we’ve had so far. (Although I would say that on a proportional basis I wouldn’t want too many more All Hostile levels; 1 level in 5 [excluding the bonus levels] is just about the perfect ratio of Hostile:Public levels in my opinion and I hope that IOI hover around this ratio for the rest of this season and into future seasons.)

Me and my mate (who comes round as a spectator player, as he loves the puzzle aspect of Hitman games but absolutely cannot handle a controller or K&M for shit) did a totally non-SA playthrough for the first run, with headshots to all targets when no one was looking - body found in all cases but we weren’t suspected of the crime. Until most of the Challenges in a level get mopped up, I (or we if my friend is round) play with Opportunities fully off (turning them on after several playthroughs to guide me through the Complete All Opportunities In… achievement for Steam if not already achieved), so there’s still a metric fucktonne left to do on this level as we didn’t really get in any unique kills at all. Can’t wait to see what this level has to offer once I get to know it a lot better.


That’s because the accents are actually correct for a change :us::joy:

But I have got to say, personally,
I’am really REALLY enjoying this map a lot. I’m really taking my time for once and not rushing through it like I did with all the others.

I just really like this map a lot. The targets, the atmosphere, the assassinations, the ending cutscene… Everything is really awesome, no complaints with me so far on this map. Keep it up IO :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


Well, there are some Aussie accents too, which I don’t remember from other levels, and one of the targets is an Australian eco-terrorist, so that ties in rather nicely.


Am I the only one that hasn’t downloaded this episode yet? Thanks to everyone that has posted non spoilery reviews. I’ll probably wait a few weeks to purchase this next pay day. Scared to go on the forum much as I don’t want the story spoiled.


They probably didnt react because the generator leads to some light or whatever on the ground…


Didn’t Abel from Bangkok have that Australian accent? (If I remember correctly…)

Either way, I really like how this map turned out. Honestly (at first) I really didn’t think I’d like the US map that much.
I originally thought (before I played it) that it would have that over the top cringy Absolution feel to it, ya know? Especially since it takes place in the US.

But I got to say, I’m glad I was proven wrong.
Granted, this map has its times where I :roll_eyes: With some of the voice acting, but IMO it really ain’t as bad as previous levels…

See… Having the appropriate accents for the level, can make all the difference lol


As someone who really enjoys the combat, the jank from this patch / episode is not endearing anymore. I can’t shoot a silenced pistol without everyone in the map shooting randomly all at once like it was a scene from Hot Shots Part Deux. I swear, your real silencer could have been in the spoiler room and the plot twist could have been that it was April fools and ICA had given you a compromised silencer just for kicks.


This is a spoiler-free thread. Maybe put spoiler tags on that list of disguises?


I liked this much more than any episode since Sapienza. And really, more-so than any level, I’m getting that “Hitman vibe” (cliche as that is). I’m not sure why I found myself so impatient with the last two levels and had a better time right off the bat here–my first thought is maybe because there’s finally a location that isn’t polluted with goddamn tourists. Not that I have some strange fixation with tourists, but four straight missions over the course of several months, all filled with obnoxious tourists voiced by the same three American people spewing pissy dialogue, it wears on me.

It’s another example of it seeming like IO overcompensating for complaints about Absolution, and missing the nuance. Lots of exotic locations now, but every mission doesn’t need to be some vacation destination. You had your Mardi Gras and Vegas scenes and the like in Blood Money, sure, but part of what makes a foreign location appealing is that it actually feels foreign. It’s kind of ironic that the level set in rural Colorado is the one to capture something resembling atmosphere. I guess I prefer the company of terrorists.

But that’s enough negative rambling about the game (which I like), the point of this post is that I really really liked this level. The map is both densely populated to just the right degree and logically laid out–two major issues I had with Bangkok, which was full of empty space and was like a maze to navigate. The map is complete enemy territory for 47, which would give one bad Absolution flashbacks if it weren’t for the vastly improved disguise system (and, as pointed out earlier, the fact that it’s an infiltration, not 47 running around in a public space).

The “opportunity” kills can still feel somewhat contrived even with that system completely disabled, but they’re simple enough that it doesn’t feel like too tall an order to figure them out yourself by piecing the intel you find together.

I’ve gotta pay my respects to the guard placement. You’ve got enough wiggle room that you can get shit done without it being utterly claustrophobic, but there’s still a challenge and tension when you’re subduing a guard and hiding his body. And lastly, double the targets in the smallest map yet is a terrific change of pace, as opposed to the much bigger levels in which there’s maybe a fifteenth of the map’s space being occupied by targets.

AI’s still pretty iffy (especially in shootouts) but that’s the oldest news for this franchise. In some circumstances, it’s a bit too easy to not get spotted, and in others it’s frustratingly easy. So many restarts because I bumped into a guy or vaulted over a ledge. Can we please have the witness system back instead of this “spotted” system? If nobody saw 47 doing anything illegal, who gives a shit?

And lastly, yes, it is very silly that four targets in a militia compound are unarmed and completely defenseless.


  1. Sapienza
  2. Colorado
  3. Paris
  4. Marrakesh
  5. Bangkok


Okay so this level is good but why not 12 opportunities?


Cmon those are just opportunities:)


Apologies, my bad.


The whole atmosphere and the feel of the level is outstanding. The setting of the house you can explore is great, definetly my favourite mission so far.


The moment in Roses bathroom has a Hotel Galar vibe in my eyes. Almost a flashback to the kill of Franz Fuchs in the shower. I don’t know why. It’s probably the wallpaper design in the bedroom. :smiley: The farm house is really really great.


In my option House its better because you can kill 3/4 your targets there and i like the easter eggs like Kane and Lynch. Barn is cool because you can take part of training. Watertower is best sniper spot so far in this hitman game


This episode was a pleasant surprise. I had given up on the game and was just looking for a filler mission-but this level is something I will go back to for years to come.

This map is my second favorite in this game.

I really enjoy the number of targets. I enjoy that they are spread out and a few come together on their own and with a little player involvement. I love the fact that there are no civilian AI to get in the way. The hackers come close but there are only a handful and in one section so it’s okay.

While some of the standard challenge kills aren’t that inspired I do enjoy the freedom I have to kill each of the targets the way I want. I really like how everything is zoned off so each uniform can only get you so far. I do regret that there is not a single OP uniform.

The unlocks were aiight. I am a fan of the baton I use it all the time now it replaces the fiber wire for me when I know I won’t go in for kills- and those rifles are okay, I found a use for them. Even the electronic unlock gets some love from me since I can use it three times it comes in handy.

I don’t like the forced story bit at the end. I don’t wanna have to skip cut scenes three times in a row just to finish the level-make it one in game scene.

Overall good level to flex my gun play skills. Nicely done IO pleasantly surprised.


Board in left is optional:)


Only started to play this mission last week. I gotta admit that I kinda liked it. Even though it is not the most elaborate map on the series, it actually felt to me like it was reminiscent of “say hello to my little friend”. Moreover, the map really gives off the impression of being a reallistic farm, which is something that I can’t say about “A Gilded Cage”. On the other hand, I’ve noticed that there aren’t many opportunities/options to kill 3 out of the 4 targets. It is also a bummer that some challenges are very poorly thought out. For instance:

  • “Swamp thing” is a pain in the ass because there is no way to lure all 4 targets into the slurry pit;
  • “Just pointless” and “watch your six” ruins silent assassin raking because one of the targets always spots you right before getting killed;
  • There is no scripted way to complete “Chemical warfare”, “Crushed it” and “Scorched Earth”;
  • All challenges related to alternative escape routes can only be completed in contracts mode;
  • Just like previous missions it is unfeasable to complete “Silent Assassin, suit only”. This is something that really pisses me off, because the only mission that is designed to achieve this is Showstopper.

This type of stuff showcases a lack of attention to detail from the devs, and I bothers me much more than game glitches.


Actually, there’re tons of way to do SA/SO

I really want an ET here right now.