[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


Don’t do drug.
Do a dildo.
Dildo is a hell of a drug.


You might be onto something


Will inject dildo up butt for quicker entry into system.


Unnoticed Kill

20 Characters


:clap:t2: SAN ANDREAS :clap:t2: DID :clap:t2: IT :clap:t2: RIGHT :clap:t2:


Sexual Appeal Increased


You made me laugh out loud! :joy:



reached for 15-inch black rubber cock


Hey, I’m also in the make believe place outside the US too :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, I don’t collect plats for money, although would be awesome for someone like myself.


That’s a dildo sword.


Might aswell go balls to the wall (ha) and add The Penetrator


i love the size of the duster lol, plus the physics. gonna use it alot


Contracts are my saving grace for it, personally. I play those all the time.


#lockstockandtwosmokingbarrels #awesomefilm #greatquote #loveyou


Who is giving you a PSN voucher for those points? I’ve never heard of that.


Sony does.


Ah, only in the US it appears. I’m in the UK, hence why I’ve never heard of it.


I’m in the UK too. Yeah it’s a SCEA thing, not a Playstation thing.


Thank you for acknowledging the reference :grin:


Wasn’t there a dildo in contracts in Deadly Cargo or Rendezvous in Rotterdam?

Or have I dreamt it :scream: