[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


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Perfect use of that fucking face :joy::joy::joy:


I actually don’t remember, and you’d think we would…


I have flashbacks of it being in the brothel at the start of a Deadly Cargo!! Weird or what


I have flashbacks that brothel too. But they don’t include a dildo :joy::wink:

God that level is terrific.


Haha I know what you mean!

One of the best! so dark and sinister!


I re-read the info at the top of this post, and it’s now clear that the bank setting will NOT be in Shanghai. It says ‘an upcoming location’ will be in Shanghai, but clearly it’s showing that this boat/harbour mission is in Shanghai from the pictures and names.

So the question is… where will the bank mission be set? Perhaps somewhere European? Or New York? And the name in it, Fabian, I feel like I’ve heard mentioned before in the series… who/what is that and have we been given an indication where they operate?


Fabian Fuchs, he was a target in Bjarkhov Bomb in Hitman Contracts (and is the third brother of the Fuchs Austrian terrorist family). However the Fuchs never were mentioned in the new games as far as I know.


I remember Fabian Fuchs, but I thought there was a conversation reference in one of the new games. Maybe Paris or Freeform training. Probably not though, must’ve imagined it.


The bank mission could well be a sniper mission. Lots of windows and activity inside and out. AI SWAT teams can be scripted to storm the building without having to worry about how the player could interfere.


Well the animal code name is raccoon and they are endemic to most of North America. So either Canada or the Mid-West to Eastern America. But then again raccoon can also be figurative


I don’t think so there are far to many unique NPCs labelled for it to be just a sniping mission.

There are tiers of guards and multiple occupations listed. Some of them like the job applicant or the Fabian guy seem to be set ups for opportunities.


I don’t think you should take that codename seriously, H2 maps all have animal codenames indeed sometimes related to the location (sheep for New Zealand), but as far as I know flamingos aren’t endemic to Florida. They’re more thematic than anything.
It’s just that raccoons are associated with robbers in popular culture due to the appearance and behavior, thus fitting the bank location and bank robber disguise and NPCs.


Yep I ended it the post stating it could not be literal. Rudd I think has seen my prior posts on this subject back in the “where would you like to see” thread.
I have said twice on another thread (and this very one I think) that it is possible it refers to raccoons looking like thieves and being scavengers.


Change is likely we aren’t talking about THE Fabian Fuchs, but if it’s the case then maybe, just maybe, the bank level will be set in Germany. Fabian Fuchs was obviously German, so if his name is somehow connected to this bank level, changes are it takes place in Europe.

This is just hardcore speculation.


Fabian is a German name and if we are still taking the name literally then raccoons are an invasive species in Germany.


Thanks for explain, I was just to lazy :wink:


Himmelstein also had plenty of unique NPCs: The three targets, the bride, the groom, the priest, the chef, the butler, the gardener, the helicopter pilot, the photographer, the wing suit guy, the backpacker and the chauffeur come to mind. That’s already 14 unique NPCs.

Not saying that you’re wrong of course. It’s very likely that this is a regular mission and not a sniper one.

Of course, this begs the question why there are different types of security guards. If the mission was a hostage situation there would only be robbers inside the bank and cops outside. Maybe HighSecurity is the SWAT and LowSecurity the regular cops? Or maybe there are some bank robbers on the map, but they are planning the heist instead of being in the middle of it? Or the bank robber is the joke disguise of the level?


I was talking about how they are tagged into the code, looking unique is not the same as having some sort of unique tag in the code I assume. Looking unique might not be the same as acting unique. I am not saying you are wrong just trying to demystify what I said.

That is why I am saying mission you don’t have multiple guards if you aren’t having full access the Seagull mission has far too many disguises that look the same (all the raider placeholders and whatnot) that is the sniper mission.

I am not sold on the robbery in progress idea doesn’t exactly allow for a lot off opportunities for all play styles to me. I think the high end guards look after the VIP boxes, a vault of some kind or are a hired retinue like the Kronstadt Bodyguards. The low level guards are your ex-mall cops type people. The bank robber looked like he was wearing a fumigation outfit so if it might be like the Vangelico Job in GTA V with the sleep gas?


The exterminator model is almost certainly a placeholder, as are a lot of them at this stage