[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


As a German I don’t think it will set in Germany but I think it will be locate in Shanghai. When I read the names of the picture, you will find a lot of chinese names.


That is not the bank level, that is the Sniper Assassin map involving boats/factories


I know it is a placeholder but if they kept the same rational behind the design that being something full bodied and has a filtrated mask. I mean why not code another masked disguise like an Arkian or the cyclist? True I might be reading too much into it though.


You could be right, yes; but I don’t think the placeholders they’ve chosen were based on intended resemblance. For some reason they chose the bandaged Jason Portman instead of the unbandaged Portman from Sgail, they chose a consulate guard for an “Old Guy Retiree”, I don’t know why someone old and retired would be in any sort of cop or security uniform; and I highly doubt the IT workers in Greedy are going to look anything like Paris fashion stylists, no idea why they didn’t choose something more like the consulate intern, surely there must be something else across the two games that looks like an office worker.

But yeah, you could be right that the bank robber happens to be using some sort of gas attack, although that would mean if you let the plan happen then you’ll insta fail since being KO’d is same as death, unless you can find a path that doesn’t take you through the gassed rooms. Who knows at this stage!


Well anyone in IT would be wearing the same shoddy polyester clothes that the stylists wear also they have belts for holding makeup stuff like an IT person might have a tool belt. For the retiree it might be his old suit is the same as the consular guard (or it has the same peaked cap). Portman I have no clue what he is doing there might be a stand in for an organ trafficking victim? I mean I highly doubt it is Pumpkin and Honey Bunny that are mentioned in the files so Portman might be like a call sign?


There’s no way to be sure, as most of the outfits seem to be placeholders anyway.


I am well aware they are placeholders (I mention that fact in my second paragraph). Anything I say is just speculation, like almost everything else on this thread.


Oh sorry if that came across as aggressive. I forgot to edit the stupid part out, I was a little heated when I wrote that. My apologies.:smiley:

EDIT: I removed the offending part.


Yes, these are Chinese names, but tbh, these names are quite horrible, we don’t name people like that! If they need Chinese names, I have hella good ones for them.


the NPC names tend to be pretty bad, right? since they’re auto generated


Tl Dr what leaks are known


The really short version of it is there are three levels one on some sort of tropical resort, one is set in a large bank and one appears to be set in some Asian seaport.


Amos Dexter/Jason Portman are reoccurring NPC’s with them being on Hokkaido and Isle. A little food for thought for you guys. If we see one of them in the files then we can assume their roles maybe???

(Amos is the only Ark Society member wearing a cowboy hat if you get close to him he talks about how he ate beans.


gotta get them b e a n s


Racoon? Resident Evil crossover??? :smile:


“That is William Birkin. Child prodigy and creator of the G-Virus. Quiet the resume.”

Challenges include:

47 Gon’ Give It To Ya (Assassinate William Birkin by reprogramming the Tyrant during the demonstration)

Complete Global Saturation (Assassinate William Birkin while disguised as Wesker)

Itchy (Assassinate William Birkin by replacing the G-Virus sample with a lethal syringe)



So would 47 be wearing a wig or no as wesker?


The most important part are the sunglasses. As long as 47 wears them, everybody will be fooled. So no wig. :wink:


oh of course and glowing eye contacts too.


Think your very close with the seaport idea, Shanghai is the biggest port in the world, and it seems some of those NPC"s are wearing hard hats.