[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


I know what our lifeguards look like. I was thinking they were privately hired for the resort instead of official Surf Lifesavers or the disguise is still being worked on.


Oh, I didn’t know you were Australian, I thought you just liked Australia (who doesn’t?)


Nope I am an Aussie I just don’t go to the beach much. I’m from Adelaide and you are from?


Don’t let him fool you, he’s Austrian


And Sean is a Russian spy.


Hi I’m Kevin, I’m from Queensland, and I’m here to help

(Actually WA tho)


HOW DARE YOU! Take it back!


No we all know you are FSB. There is no way I will believe people live in Alberta.


I’m not a Tory, you know


No of course not you are a Russian spy. That would be a conflict of ideologies pinko!


In the words of Niko Bellic: I ain’t Russian


So the robber is in a bug sprayers outfit? So either it is still a place holder and it is something else or there is a bugsprayer and it is like GTA 5 where you pretend the bug bomb the jeweller’s.


For the first DLC description, didn’t the the Sniper Assassin mission we have also have the targets part of a bank heisting group? They also had animal masks on in the briefing.

Maybe that DLC is taking out the rest of the gang? There’s no way that’s a coincidence


Yep… They were the people we killed in Himmelstein, Austria. The other two were killed before (Kalvin) and Kovacs was arrested in Panama


You goddamn liar. I know you’re not allowed on the beach anymore, not after that one time…


Really I just got done with shit like this from Sean… It is really punching into my sleep.


I mean they don’t have to be accurate to real life, it’s an entirely different universe


So, the new Sniper Assassin Map will have 3 targets + bodyguards. So, guessing from the leak, since they’re the most obvious, non-placeholdery - Captains GoldenEye and Red haired lady and third one… the Colonel guy? Harbour or ship map, something wet, given their coats…
If so, i’m kinda sad now, that we won’t get upclose with the redhaired lady. But still, sounds gooood.


Hey guys. Something from the expansion will release this month.


Anyone else love hotel maps??