[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


You give 20 bucks and all you got is a sniper map.


2 Sniper Assassin Maps
2 New Locations



I was talked for March roadmap (thought there’s only a fucking sniper map, no location), if there’s new location then it’s okay.


those are still coming out :>


Me too :cry: I’d worked out what I was gonna say and everything.


im still hoping theyre regular targets, fhey look so cool


I know that



Shanghai Bank heist seems really cool, good chance there’s gonna be some Kane & Lynch references in that. Maybe they give us the Lynch suit back.


This is the first time i’veseen the opulent leaks. Thanks! There aren’t a lot of disguises there. There’s also a absence of civilians, which may mean nothing though.


Wow, I hope that Sniper Map isn’t the only content for expansion 1.

2 expansions = 2 fully playable maps, not sniper maps. That’s some bull if IOI has decided otherwise.


Reading is key. They said 1 regular map and one sniper map per expansion, plus remixed missions.


Is it fucking Groundhog Day here?


Matador as an unlock. Finally a new pistol that is somewhat interesting.


i swear to god, this is all im seeing in the social media replies to the roadmap. i didn’t know so many gamers lacked basic reading comprehension


you would be surprised how many people in first world countries are illiterate


Yo I hate sniper assassin though


Why do you? I personally like it, even though i’m pretty bad at it.


yea, personally i rush too much to complete the mission. but i still think its pretty interesting to explore the different stuff of the level


I’m with @cakeblock941, @SeanBernowicz and @richardhitman. Folks need to READ the announcement not just paw at it with their eyeballs like a dumb goose.


A beach resort mission sounds good but I’m very skeptical about a bank heist mission and would rather have a mission that takes place during a normal day. I’m aware that some people really want a hostage mission but I feel this is very limiting because it boils down to map full of armed NPCs that are immediatly
hostile to 47. Similar to Colorado except with less stuff going on because all the civilians are locked-up somewhere and the robbers are patrolling the area.It could work as part of a bigger map with other stuff going on, but just a hostage situation would be to limiting for my taste.