[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


Idk, would much rather have a normal mission. The last yardbird had way too many targets


Maybe not the right thread to discuss this but I would like to see sniper assassin improved a bit when the new map drops - I’d like to see at least one or two accident kills not being immediately suspicious, the option to select a starting suit and a choice between different rifles in single player, especially if they’re adding a new one with different attributes with the update, or at least allow us to change it cosmetically.


So, I think it’s safe to confirm the Ivory Coast Sniper Assassin “leak” was indeed fake news?


You can’t confirm that one way or another, as we don’t know what the future holds.


Beach is the obvs sniper map location right?


Beach is the one said to have 5 entrances and 2 exits according to internal data


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Hmm in that case I think this is why they’re holding back the wetsuit


I have a feeling they’re holding back the wetsuit because the Politician is going to be the only Hawke’s Bay ET, so they want to give players more chances to unlock it.


Nah, if it’s set at a resort I presume the starting suit would be tourist-y as you’d want to fit in. Unless you mean there’ll be a challenge pack or something


47 in a tacky Hawaii shirt with a rubber duck pattern. Best DLC ever. :rofl:


Dude, you called it… Great idea :joy:


Imagining 47 in a Hawaiian shirt, patterned swimming trunks, flip flops, sun glasses, and a sun visor, and being so laid back on a beach chair is almost comical.


I just noticed, we don’t have any summer attire for 47, besides maybe the Florida Fit, and that one guard in Whittleton Creek that wears shorts for some reason.


I think the Bangkok casual shirt is Summer enough. It could pretty much be used again for a resort, but obviously that would rob us of a suit + ET unlock, so obviously they won’t recycle it


Yeah, but I was thinking more beach attire. Hopefully the resort map (if it isn’t a sniper map) will have him dressed like that


According to leak, resort mission has 5 starting locations, so if real it’s definitely not a Sniper map. But yeah, guess we’ll see what they come up with!


Holding out hope for a Max Payne 3 style Hawaiian shirt.


Please don’t hope too hard because I would absolutely hate seeing 47 in a Hawaiian shirt.


If Max can pull it off, 47 can :smile: I mean it could be silly but it can also be tasteful if not done too wacky.