[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


I genuinely feel like I would lose my shit and deliberately get 47 killed as often as possible.


You have already seen him in hawaian robe. Hawaian shirt would be better than that at least.


The Hawaiian robe was disgusting too…


Nah mate I love Hawaiian shirts


I love it as well I have Hawaiian shirts, but on 47 please… I would not survive.




I just threw up in my mouth a little bit :fearful:


Please, let’s change the subject from Hawaiian shirts to the upcoming expansions :frowning:


Why do you insist on reminding me? It’s like you don’t want me to be able to sleep ever again.


So just clarifying where we’re at with the leaks… The image of all those asian people in the weird blue uniforms, that stuff is for a map codenamed “Seagull”, and is likely the Sniper Assassin map coming out this month which is set on some sort of boat or harbour? Is this correct?


That seems like the size of things. I might be wrong though we won’t know.


we don’t really have any hint where the sniper assassin map will take place. but it seems likely that it will be the map with the captains (3 targets)


I thought it was two captains and a colonel?

Hopefully it is a weapons deal since China is involved and it is an excuse to have accidents and explosives lying in wait.


yeah, there is a colonel too


Well all the more reason to think this is a weapons deal.


And take out all the masked guards?


I have no clue. I think they might do another gimmick. But I forgot about the guard objective.


And the reason for the time limit is the guys with bags on thier heads will die :smile: probably so wrong


Oh my guess was if it does have a time limit it would be the deal lasts for x amount of time.


It’s fun to speculate :smile: maybe we’re there to save smith