[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


I think Smith is an obligatory Easter Egg.


Or just put him forefront in a level.


I honestly expect him to be kept prisoner somewhere on the boat and that there will be a guardian angel challenge where you have to help him break free by shooting special props on his way out.


Kinda what you do with Jeff in The Vector?


Lol, I somehow totally forgot that EE. But yes, basically the same thing, it makes it even more plausible.


Yeah, new locations are much better. I’m not really a big fan of the sniper missions. Hitman’s bread and butter is still the classic Bond like missions. Hopefully Expansion 1 can be released this month.


Have you seen the roadmap? Only the Sniper level is coming this month


Why oh why IOI? Are there really anybody who prefers the sniper stages over the real stages?


that’s not the point. the regular location just isn’t ready yet, be patient


I’m ok with waiting for the actual locations. Was just curious about why the focus on sniper stages and if a lot of other players actually really like them?


I like them, but I played the first one to death before H2’s launch, and haven’t gone back to it much. Hopefully a new one will give me a reasonable play time


im not sure what you mean by “focus”? they haven’t really touched Sniper Assassin since launch apart from the reticle changes

and yes, lots of people actually enjoy the sniper maps. i think they’re fine


What I meant by focus is the time and effort spent on these missions instead of the main location ones.

Ok, I understand that plenty of people like them. I am happy they get more of what they like. Meanwhile, I can’t wait until the full location releases, they sound very interesting from the leaks.


I was not a fan of the pre-order bonus stage because it made me really want a full normal game stage with the setting, the story, and the targets.

To me, Hitman is all about getting deep into the enemy territory, with disguises and myriad of weapons, and more importantly, the many different ways to implement the kills.

Also perhaps the mobile version of the Hitman sniper game just really turned me off.

But I do respect those who love the feature. In the end, always nice to get more features.


Sniper Assassin mode is an experiment like Ghost Mode. They promised to deliver two additional Sniper maps before knowing how successful the mode will be.


It’s good that they are trying to be innovative. While I’m not much a fan of the sniper stages, I genuinely like the ghost mode. Not that I’m any good at it, haha.


In some leak there was so called “Austria - parent location” or something. I think it’s possible they will add a full austrean map or even full maps for some sniper maps (or vice versa), it’s easier to design it with already desighned appropriate architecture, NPS and landscape (biome) ect…


Well sniper assassin is a cool mode, the only bad thing is if you complete everything in the pre-order version you can’t move it to the definitive your game progress. Is boring unlock everything again like S1, After all.


Do you have any link or source on that at all? Whether Austria could be converted to sandbox is usually a source of rigorous debate, if there’s some form of actual evidence a lot would find it very interesting, and I’ve never heard this mentioned before


it was from the earlier leak of locs without USA suburb: