[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


Oh, so from before release, just talking about the Sniper map it seems then :frowning:

Ah well, we can dream


Yeah, I meant the old leak. So they might replace austrian parent loc with quickly done Another Life before release. It is just a speculation, of course.


I think it’s just that the sniper levels are a lot less work than a fully fledged level, and so it is ready sooner.


Not many, but it’s still fun. We’ll get the real missions soon enough.


I’m praying for an April release of the actual location, but I’m still concerned from their Winter Sports Pack post where they said there’d only be one location this year :S Makes me think they might not release it 'til October or something crazy, if they’re only doing one!

Also notice how it said the next details of Expansion content release would be in ‘coming weeks’, but it took them 6 weeks and one day :open_mouth: Coming months would’ve been more accurate


Sorry but I have to nitpick this. Six weeks is a month and a half. So saying “coming months” as in plural, would not be accurate. Certainly less accurate than “coming weeks”.


Coming months, more than a month, we were in month 2 when it was announced. Do you believe if it was announced within the second week “coming weeks” would not be accurate either then?


I think you’re looking at June or later for a full location.

They’re going to want to stretch out their releases as much as possible to keep players engaged and entice new buyers. My guess it’ll go roughly, Sniper Map 1 March - New Location 1 June/July - Sniper Map 2 Q4 - New Location 2 Q1/Q2. This lines up with the grammar in the IO update too, Sniper maps (plural) and a brand new location (singular). I’m not suggesting they have these all complete, I’m sure work is ongoing at various stages.

They also mention new missions, it’s not clear whether those would be in addition to the default ones in the coming maps. I hope we get some new missions on the original H2 maps akin to the bonus episodes. Even a bonus mission on a legacy map like Paris would be great.


Missions almost certainly means the “re-skin” ones. They’ll probably pad out a couple months with a reskin mission first before giving us the actual new location.


I personally love them. We typically don’t get to use the Sniper Rifles that much in the main story, if only for the fact that their ammunition can’t be picked up anywhere.

I love the idea of just having a turkey shoot with zero potential of getting killed ourselves.

I absolutely LOVED Himmelstein before Hitman 2’s release, so much so that I went out of my way to make it the first level I got 100% on when the game dropped. I still play it quite regularly.


You’ll be in the minority then - it’s quite safe to call Sniper Assassin a total flop.

On PS4 only 6.8% of HITMAN 2 players have played and completed single player Himmelstein - and only 1.3% have completed a multiplayer match. The single player completion statistic is exactly the same on PC, though multiplayer has faired a little better with 1.7% of players completing a multiplayer match.


Is that based on anyone who has the Free Prologue, which doesn’t come with Sniper Assassin mode?


No, coming months means at least 2 months as it is plural. If it’s been 6 weeks, that’s 1.5 months, not 2.


Probably includes the free players.

Those trophy stats paint a terrible picture for the game - only 16.0% of PS4 players have even completed the first level in the free prologue (Freeform Training). Even when it was free people weren’t engaged enough to complete it.



Whoah… crazy how you’re using a plural even though it’s less than 2? It’s almost like once something becomes greater than 1, it is no longer singular? So then you don’t think doing something on the second week counts as ‘coming weeks’ either; that’s fine, just a difference of opinion.

Hmm, maybe; although I don’t think I played Freeform Training until after I did the whole campaign, because I knew it would just be the same tutorial that I’d already played in 2016. Question is how many people actually got the free prologue. But either way… SAD! :frowning:


That’s in a different context. “Coming months” doesn’t equal 1.5 months.

No I don’t, because it hasn’t been 2 weeks at that point. How is this even up for debate… :thinking:

Okay, well apparently mine is the same as IOI’s marketing department. So… I dunno what to tell ya :joy:


Enough so that only 22.6% of players on PS4 have even completed Nightcall. And even that stat is probably inflated because of it recently going free, though Legacy Hokkaido hasn’t had a huge increase since being free.

Just to save time, here’s all the %age for completing the mission on PS4:
Hawkes Bay: 22.6%, Miami: 16.0%, Santa Fortuna: 12.9%, Mumbai: 10.3%, Whittleton Creek: 9.5%, Isle of Sgail: 7.5%

Legacy Paris: 6.6%, L. Sapienza: 6.6%, L. Marrakesh: 2.4%, L. Bangkok: 2.2%, L. Colorado 1.8%, L. Hokkaido: 3.1%, L. The Icon: 0.9%, L. AHBoS: 0.6%, L. Landslide: 0.9%

It’s quite sad. The percentage of people that are upgrading from the prologue to the full paid game must be wickedly low. :frowning:


Sniper mission does not have any dialogues. It’s half of the work less. Also Sniper missions do not need rigourous QC for all map. QC only applicable from user point of view.
Overall not the mission I am looking forward to.


Technically, you only use “month” as in singular if it is exactly 1 month. So even 0.1 months is still months. :stuck_out_tongue:


No, it hasn’t. You’re in the second week. Just like this was in the second month. You don’t say “Hey, I’m on the zeroth month” for the first one, You say “I’m on the first month” and then the next one is the second month.

Not necessarily, my point was perhaps they took longer than they were expecting.

Anyway, I’m leaving it there, nothing else to say at this point.

I heard about some thing on Steam where people just download free games to get ‘cards’ or some shit, I don’t really get it personally, but is there anything like that on PS4?