[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


0.1 months is incorrect. It should be less than a month.


In isn’t the same as has been.

Or they were exactly on schedule. Because it hasn’t been enough time yet :joy:

But sure let’s leave it. Christ :joy:


Fucking hell, do people really care this much about whether the word should be singular or plural?

Put it this way: the people that are right know they’re right and the people that are wrong think they’re right. Can’t influence that.

Please just drop it.


Erm, we already did mate… :thinking:


only 16.0% of PS4 players have even completed the first level in the free prologue



These guys reminds me to these guys…


I think a little another reason are the missing platinum trophys… .


If anyone doesn’t play a game because it has no platinum trophy, then that person is a moron.

Platinum trophies are meaningless and I will never understand why people get so upset when a game doesn’t have one.


There were quite a lot of people that I recall seeing pass on Hitman 2016 because of no Platinum, so no surprise the same happened once again.


I suspect they’ll drag expansion 1 out over 2019 and expansion 2 over 2020. :frowning:


I don’t really care how long they drag it out if we’re being honest. I want them to take their time to put out something of quality, not rush it out and have more problems than solutions.


This. I would’ve gladly waited 6-12 months after release for some proper and expansive DLC.


Quality over quantity, always remember that!


Showerthought time, but you know how every HITMAN level basically feels like it’s reimagining previous games levels?
Like Another Life being A New Life 2.0 down to the name, Nightcall sharing similarities with Beldingford Manor, Situs Inversus having a similar plot to Terminal Hospitality and using assassination methods from Tracking Hayamoto and Traditions of the Trade, The Fugitive being a nod to Flatline, etc.

Well I’m wondering if the potential Shanghai bank map could have the same dynamics as Deadly Cargo from Hitman Contracts. People mentioned it in this thread before but I could definitely see a bank robbery happening after waiting long enough or triggering some scripts, and radically altering the way you need to approach the level.
I’m probably daydreaming here because the leaks don’t show enough disguises relating to such event happening besides the bank robber outfit (and there’s no SWAT disguise either), but it could be the breath of fresh air that the game desperately needs.




That is true. Unfortunately the result of “trophy hunters.” Most only play games for trophies, play the shitty easy games and duplicates. Kinda joke really. Same people who then complain that a trophy is “too hard” and demand it patching. :rofl:

I never judge anyone’s ability by the amount of trophies until I actually look at their list. Hannah Montana vs GTA IV platinum.

Highly subjective, if not objective actually. Same could easily be said about anything. “Leaderboards are meaningless”
Platinum trophies are basically a way to say you’ve done the game and anything the devs asked for. Some trophies are typically outside typical gameplay so it’s little challenges that the devs give us to do which extends gameplay time for someone like myself.

It’s adds friendly competition into the mix, also trying to get world or country firsts are a nice added target to hit under your belt. Just like leaderboards.

It shows timestamps, stops a lot of cheaters (remember Landslide hacker?) Momentarly got put second by a timestamp of January 10th (Landslide came out on 31st). Gets hackers banned which is always a good thing.

If this still makes you think they are “meaningless”:

“A $10 PSN voucher is earned by saving 1000 points. 100 silver trophies earns 100 points, 25 gold trophies earns 250 points and 10 platinum trophies earns 1000 points.”

Not meaningless at all.


Sigh. That’s why you never should try to translate idioms.


Still meaningless to those of us in the mythical place known as not-USA. :wink:

But otherwise good points.


I’ve played Hitman S1 for two years straight without getting bored. I can wait for those bonus missions. :slight_smile:


I don’t mind waiting for quality DLC. I do mind if it is being delayed because they have people working on bullshit like the feather duster challenge. :dizzy_face:

If I wanted to watch a bald man dust I would hire an unattractive maid.