[spoilers] Future content leak discussion


Haha, we’re too cool for school :sunglasses:

But we go anyway :sunglasses:


Obviously the feather duster is joke item. That makes me wonder if they’ll also make a :birthday: or :pie: throwable (melee / food related) item. The escalation(?) / challenge associated with it will require wearing the Clown Suit.

@Travis_IOI get the team on this idea, stat!


Ain’t gonna lie, thought this was heading in a whole other direction for a second.


Oh sh… Right. LMAO! :joy:


Improving the unlocks in HITMAN 2

Still need to figure out how to do that stuff. Are you able to at least tell me if Definitive Edition suits are in H2 somewhere? I’ve asked three times and no one’s ever answered :sob:


They are




Is that a big or small melee?
It doesn’t look useful but it looks fun!


It’s small, you can unequip it :slight_smile:


47 makes npcs Creampie ?
That sounds naughty.


Next unlock - Buttplug (conceleable)


So is there a link to how to do that stuff? So far all I’ve found is a link to texture modding (which I’m not interested in) and a link on how to import your S1 suits for offline use (Which I’m also not interested in)


It’s purely fill-in DLC to give us SOMETHING while they continue to work on bigger updates. You should be grateful that they’re even bothering to do that, I reckon.


Last time I shared how to do this type of stuff I got contacted by IOI asking me not to. So unfortunately not :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder why we never had a dildo as melee weapon, just lying around in the level. Would be mad fun to throw a rubber dick at a target’s head. :laughing:


As I slowly raise my hand. I like being able to have more multiplayer content that I can play with my friendo. I’m just happy to have more stuff to do.


Because we aren’t playing a series that was ruined by being dubbed a clone and so the series tried again In another serious, but better sequel that was released just before the sequel of a game that dubbed you as clone so then when the third game came out you said f*ck it and took all the meth in the world and that wasn’t enough since your greedy parent company was going bankrupt so they needed a new game, but failed to get it out in time so another company bought you and gave you all the drugs and say they make a mass effect except it wasn’t mass effect, but a fully priced DLC of the third game that everyone bought into, but since it didn’t meet sales numbers they released a standalone DLC which takes you to hell because they realized that they lost because at the early stages of their series they had something good, but since they were self-conscious about that series they resorted to one drug then two drug, then eventually all the drugs.



Melee dildo is better than a swiffer :sunglasses:


Don’t do drug

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