[spoilers] Future content leak discussion

Here you can freely discuss all the leaks of future content without spoiler tags or anything.


OK this is the tits.

So I think the ship is a sniper level.


I’m just here for leaked pictures, nothing else :stuck_out_tongue:


(first pic confirmed to be for new Sniper Map, Raccoon and Stingray now in our sights for new regular locations)


So what’s inside the Greedy and Opulent files?

I hope it’ll be good stuff.



That looks encouraging the disguises that look complete look Western to me.

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I’m a bit confused as to what the Seagull is for now. I thought there were only two maps, but it appears to be three

Nice! I assume some of these are placeholders, There’s a makeup artist from Paris in there, as well as Portman in his bandages and robes.


Let’s not forget the Whittleton Creek guy, Colombia guards, Hokkaido doctor and Miami worker

Those are place holder images.

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It seems Opulent has more completed disguises, most of Greedy is placeholder stuff from Sapienza, Marrakesh, and Paris

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Means Stingray must be the first bonus level.

If it’s another USA mission I’m going to go Super Saiyan

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Is that with an English dub for the US based audience?


If it’s Hawaii I’d be fine with it. I’d prefer some South American touristy area like Belize or the Bahamas, or even Australia though

Neither of those places are South American. Belize is Central and The Bahamas are Caribbean. But I can see what you are getting at though. I want Belize or Australia especially Australia.

If that “Baywatch” disguise is complete and not a placeholder, then it probably rules out mainland Australia; our lifeguards have a very distinctive and iconic look across the whole country


But I suppose you could hold out hope it’s not on mainland Australia, and it’s just what a private resort’s lifeguards look like, as opposed to public beaches

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This just reminds me of when Mike Pence said Brazil was in Central America.

On topic though, I would not mind a Croatia or Montenegro location

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