SPOILERS: Question on poison kills?


I poisoned Janus muffin I bought him, he ate and killed him, I was around NOLAND CASSIDY house.
on the screen it said body found,
Do poison kill affect SA?



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No…poison and accident kills do not affect silent assassin.


Congratulations… that’s Silent Assassin. :sunglasses:

Because the poison is… “Tasteless, Traceless”


how about acccident kill on guards?


Non-Target Kills break the Silent Assassin rating.


i killed Robert Knox with the Fish Statue on the Pier and it didnt count as an accident kill, i tried it multiple times.


Not familiar with that one yet…I’ve been playing the legacy pack so far to re-unlock everything there, will get to Miami in the next day or two.


i think you confuse Robert Knox and Rico Delgado :slight_smile:

Robert Knox is the Guy with the burned Face from Miami


Another thing is that you cannot get spotted doing it…for example drowning someone in a toilet counts as an accident(no idea how or why but game logic, I guess people can just accidentally drown in a toilet lol) but not if you get spotted doing it.

Other than that it might just be bugged too.