[SPOILERS] The Jinzhen Incident

Hello all.

This is what I am expecting the new Chongqing escalation to be (and this months escalation).
Some of this information is from the files other is just me piecing it together.
Me speculating will be in italics unless specificed.
This thread will be updated with new information (mostly when it releases).

Images have been put into collapseable tabs to keep the footprint on this post small.


Name: The Jinzhen Incident
Codename: Magnolia
Escalation Group ID: 542108f2-f82f-4a04-bfec-efa92785fec1
# of Levels: 3
Summary: I assume that you are a homeless person as the two targets are in The Block and that the are complications based on The Block and that the thumbnail is 47 as a homeless person



These can show up in any level, I am assuming that at least one will be in Level 1, also may be more but I highly doubt it

Shihong Luo

Target Image:

Target Location - Security Floor (Alot of guards are here. I think it’s the 2nd or 3rd floor could be wrong.)

Hui Hou

Target Image:

Target Location - Hush’s Meditation Room (One guard, he is the one reparing it)

Kill Methods:

In the files there is “Eliminate X” and “Eliminate X with the Scrap Sword” (X being a targets name, the above targets are specfically mentioned here)

I think there could be one level without the scrap sword elimination method, not sure.

Unique objective:

This escalation has a unique objective.

"Retrieve the Scrap Sword"


Normal Complications:

I am assuming that there will be some normal complications like don’t change disguise, restricted loadout. Looking at the files there is only one starting location so this is why I am assuming that the previous complications will be active

Unique Complications:

This escalation seems to have some unique complications.

"Rusty crowbars"

Description: “Some crowbars have changed position and rusted.”

I assume this ties in with the other unique complication. (Possibly final level?)

"Locked doors"

Description: “Doors in the Block are now locked.”

I assume this might come into play in the 2nd level and then it’s effect is amplified by rusty crowbars. This makes sense as all the targets are able to be reached via climbing (maybe minimal door unlocking if any)

There could be more objectives, complications or targets than what I said. I am just presenting and trying to piece together what I know/have.

Thanks for reading.

I have told you what I know. Do what you will.


Yeah, this’d be interesting if it actually unlocked the scrap sword as an item, too bad experience is easier for them to code.

I shall look into the unlockables, I doubt I will be able to find anything though.

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I hope they don’t give us every unique item as an unlockable, its a fun challenge for contracts when you have to locate it and get it around.


We just need more freedom to restrict loadouts or additional rules.

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Looking at the roadmap there isn’t any reward. It’s probably just the normal XP amount (I think 4,000).

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